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Jun 8, 2008 03:00 PM

Riad Eating and Beyond In Marrakech and Fes

What Riads in Mararkech and Fes serve up the best breakfast/dinner, and which can you eat alone (not at a communal table). Also, which have a rooftop terrace for eating?

Also, are Casa Lalla and Le Maison Bleue worth the $$$?

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  1. Recently back from Morocco...our meal at Maison Bleu in Fes was the best meal we had in Morocco...definitely worth the splurge for very fine traditional Moroccan cuisine. In Fes we also had a wonderful meal at Dar Anebar, a beautiful riad near Hotel Palais Jamai. The owner even drove us back and forth to our riad...totally beyond the call of duty but much appreciated as it was hard to find. In Marrakech, consider a nouvelle Moroccan meal in the garden of Dar interesting counterpoint to Maison Bleue's very traditional cuisine in gorgeous surroundings. Also, they have some extremely subtle and beautiful musicians who play there at night...supposedly some of the finest instrumentalists in Morocco and I don't doubt it.