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Jun 8, 2008 03:00 PM

First trip to Chicago! Planetarium conference.

Okay, Hounds, I am making my first trip to Chicago at the end of June for the International Planetarium Society Conference at the Adler Planetarium. Bearing in mind that I will be at the Hyatt McCormick Place and will have no car....and that I work in a museum and therefore am relatively there any MUST MUST EAT in Chicago that I shouldn't miss? I only have one or two nights on my own. Thanks!
(I should add that I like all kinds of food, especially asian, any type). Does Chicago have a Chinatown? Is it possible to get steamed pork buns? I'm addicted, and they are increasingly hard to find in Boston.

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  1. From the Planetarium it's a fairly short walk on the causeway to the Shedd Aquarium and its restaurant, "Soundings." Do have a lunch there; the food is good and the view of Lake Michigan is spectacular.

    Chinatown isn't far from the Planetarium and is easily reached by public transportation.

    I leave it to others to discuss food and restaurants.

    I leave it to others to discuss the

    1. Chinatown is the closest enclave of restaurants to the Hyatt McCormick and definitely walkable.