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Jun 8, 2008 02:50 PM

Zongzi sessions w/pix

made the trek over to SF Chinatown to make some Zongzi (doong in Toisan) with my Mom and sister. They had already done most of the prep ...... soaking and cleaning the leaves, soaking the rice, prepping the filling ingredients, etc. I got there in time to do a bit of the last minute prep and help set up the work area. Helped to unwind her stash of recycled twine from last year's zongzi. Nothing goes to waste here. Here are a few photos of the set up and the finished product. It's the kind of project that goes quicker with a group and lots of gabbing going on.
This year for the filling we had chicken, pork, chinese sausage, mushrooms, peanuts and dried shrimp. Left out the egg yolks and the chestnuts.
From year to year I forget all the tricks to tieing these up - mine don't look very perfect but they manage to hold together while cooking and they taste pretty good.

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  1. you are my hero! Awesome!

    I have never been brave enough to do this at home though they always did them at my kids' chinese school. hmmm, maybe next year, I will be brave and try them myself. Thanks!