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Jun 8, 2008 02:40 PM

Good Fun Place for Large Birthday Group in SM or Brentwood

I am having a birthday dinner this coming friday in the Santa Monica Brentwood area. I was planning on El Cholo for drinks and food but they cannot seat a group of 20 anytime after 6.

Does anyone know of any good places that can accommodate larger groups in a fun atmosphere that isn't an arm and a leg and has a full bar?

Any type of food works, the atmosphere and full bar is most important being that its a birthday.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. They don't have a full bar, but Monte Alban could seat a group of that size and you'd get fantastic food. You might also try Lilly's in Venice, but again, I'm not sure about the full bar.

    1. Warzsawa on the patio
      The Yard on Santa Monica b/w Ocean and 2nd
      Beachwood on the patio
      Hidden on the patio

      All of these have full bars and reasonably priced menus, and are very festive spots.

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        Lula's on Main has good (not great) Mexican food; excellent margaritas & definitely fun. They can definitely accomodate your group on the patio & probably inside as well. Very reasonable; about the same price as El Cholo