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Jun 8, 2008 02:22 PM

Moving to Federal Hill in Baltimore - Help

I'm putting in an offer on a house in federal hill today; relocating to Baltimore from Boston. I'm looking for some help getting together a list of the places we have to try. My wife and I eat just about anything.

In short, I'm looking for all the places you would eat in Baltimore (primarilly fed hill) one last time before you left if you were moving away.

So far I've heard of the following (but not tried):
- The Bicycle
- Pazo
- The Wine Market
- Jack's Bistro
- Birches
- Matsuri

Any help would be much appreciated. I could really use suggestions on great seafood, italian, cheap eats, high-end dinners for a couple, good lunch spots (near the inner harbor) and places to take clients.

In addition I'm also looking for a:
- large organic grocier
- farmer's market
- fish market
- great independent butcher
- micro-coffee roaster


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  1. Salt, Sammy's trattoria, Iggies,

    1. - large organic grocier
      Our big organic grocer in the city is Whole Foods 2 locations- farther north is Trader Joes
      - farmer's market
      on Sundays there is a large farmer's market under the JFX highway that runs aprox memorial day- Christmas it is absoultly wonderful!
      Year round there is the Waverly Farmer's Market in Charles Village/Waverly- many of the same vendors as downtown but smaller in size (I'm partial to this market as it is closer to me)
      - fish market/ - great independent butcher
      In Federal hill you will be close to Cross street Market, the market has been in a bit of trasition the past few years but is good place to go for fish and meat & cut flowers
      Lexington Market further north is much larger. IMO It often has better selection (definetly in Meat) and sometimes quality. Great for candy and Berger cookies
      - micro-coffee roaster
      Blue Bird is wonderful- local people who offer sustainable and organic artisanal beans - I can't say enough good things about them!
      another good place is Zeke's- again local people. They are at the local farmer's markets and many restuarants in town

      You have a great list of resturants to ck out I highly second CJ's Iggie's rec!

      Also check out these great italian markets:
      Tranacria on Paca st. best aged provolone and homemade olive oil,
      Mastaoloni's on Harford Rd. wonderful sandwiches too.

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      1. re: poached

        Thanks for all the suggestions, we had a great meal at the Bicycle and checked out the Lexington & Cross st. markets.

        Was also wondering if there was a good wine store and a packie with a lot of micro-brews on hand?

        1. re: LiveCJ

          The wine source in hampden & chesapeake wine in canton have great carryout beer selections

          1. re: LiveCJ

            The Wine Market in Fedral hill is a market in addition to the restuarant. I'v never shopped there as wine source among others are closer to me. But I have perused and they had a nice selection of wine and I think some micro brews as well.

            Another really wonderful Wine shop in town is Spirits in MountVernon, corner of Read and Charles. Very helpful & knowledgeable staff. Check them out!

        2. Hull Street Blues for good bar food and some local drafts
          Hit Lomabrd Street(just north of the harbor) for lunch, consensus is Attmans, but I enjoy the Cloak and Dagger and the pickles at Weis's Deli.

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            1. Bin 604 is a really nice wine shop next to Whole Foods in the new inner harbor east/fells point area. Their staff is very helpful and they have a system where they track your purchases in case you enjoyed something but forgot the name.

              I second the advice to visit the JFX Farmer's Market. The earlier you can stand to get there the better. I go at 7:30 and rarely have to wait in line for anything. I find the JFX Market to be much bigger and diverse than the Sat. Waverly market. Plus, the pit beef sandwich can't be beat.
              Welcome to Baltimore!