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Jun 8, 2008 01:58 PM

LCBO- sparkling wines

I am having about 20-30 people over for cocktails and birthday cake.
I would like to get some sparkling wine that tastes good with cake (some sparkling wines/champagnes just don't).

Can anyone recommend any sparkling wines that would taste good with a vanilla iced cake that are available at the LCBO and cost under $15.00 a bottle?
or am I dreaming...

Thanks very much!

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  1. There is a nice Rose sparkling wine available from Chile, which is infused with a strawberry essence . It's in your price range, and would probably taste great with that type of cake.

    Here's the info:
    LCBO 56697 | 750 mL bottle

    Price: $ 13.85
    Wine, Fruit Wine, Flavoured Wine
    7.9% Alcohol/Vol.

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      Something better -- (but not at LCBO) is Applewood Farm Winery's "Crazy Eights". an 8.8% raspberry cider for $3 per 341mL bottle. That's slightly over 6.5 bucks for a 750mL equivalent...De-lishus...Also their strawberry cider at $10.50 for 750mL

      But they are in Stouffville. If you go, load up with a lot of cider to make it worth while...Check

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        Asti Spumante is inexpensive, sweet, aromatic, and full of flavour and bubbles. It is low in alcohol content, and avoids heavy taxation. The muscat grapes used smell honeyed, and will work with a good vanilla icing.

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          I agree. Asti Spumante is generally too sweet for my taste, but with birthday cake, I think it would be quite nice. I would think that a cava or prosecco would taste too tart next to the icing.

          1. re: jayt90

            I'd probably go with a moscato d'asti, which is considered a 'frizzante' dessert wine. It's not fully sweet, and it's only slightly sparkling. It too is pretty reasonably priced. It pairs really nicely with beautifully fresh fruit (in case you plan to serve any on the side of the cake).

            I believe this is different from Asti Spumante, though it's made from the same (or a closely related) grape. I *think* that asti spumante is fully sparkling, and I don't believe that it's as sweet as the moscato d'asti.

            Someone please correct me if I'm wrong though! I love moscato d'asti, though I've never had an asti spumante.

          2. re: foodyDudey

            I love Fresita but it's very sweet (sugar content 7). I agree with Rabbit about Prosecco being a good choice.

          3. Happy birthday...

            in consultation with Mr. Rab, we think that Segura Vidas is the nicest under $15 sparkler out there (at least of the readily accessible variety). Very nice, clean and crisp. But we wonder whether a prosecco, which is slightly sweeter, might pair better with vanilla cake. There are a number of proseccos hovering around the $15 range and I've been through most and found them generally quite good (no clear winner, but absolutely no loser!... I think proseccos are very reliable and an under-the-radar find).

            I'm curious about f-dudey's pick because I am perpetually on the lookout for a good sparkling rose. The best in the $15-ish category that I've found is Cordoniu, which is a sparking cava priced at $17-ish. Someone around here also recommended the Aussie "Pink" sparkler, which is under $15 (I've yet to try for self, but it's on the list).


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              the Fresita is differnt from a regular sparkling rose because of the strawberry flavour, so it does not take the place of a regular sparkling rose. There was an Italian sparkling rose I found at 2 years ago, but it was discontinued. (we still have a few bottles)

              The Fresita's sugar content is listed as 7 but it doesn't taste anywhere as sweet as I would expect, the carbonation helps balance the sweetness.

              That reminds me, it's time to open a bottle of black pepper sparkling Shiraz soon...

              1. re: foodyDudey

                Ah, thanks for the details. Sounds lovely and I'll definitely pick up a bottle.

              2. re: Rabbit


                Try the Fita Preta Vinhos "Sexy" Rose 2006 at about $18. Its from the Alentejo region in Portugual. I'm not normally a rose fan, but this one has so much primary fruit, it really won my vote. It's not sparkling though.


                1. re: Splendid Wine Snob

                  I had my first (non-sparkling) rose of the season on the le Select patio last night. It kinda whetted my appetite, so this rec is timely. Thanks, SWS!

                  1. re: Rabbit

                    If you want to stay under $15, Freixenet makes a brut de noirs that I think is a darned good deal for $12.85. Great deck wine when you're in the mood for something bubbly, refreshing,, but not sweet.

                2. re: Rabbit

                  Thanks for recommending the "Pink" - I took it to a sparkling wine party and everyone loved it!

                3. I actually prefer a dryer sparkling with dessert. To that end, I'd recommend the Seaview Brut. It's crisp and bright and won't compete with your cake. It's only $12/bottle, so well within your limit.

                  1. thanks everyone- a few choices to consider.
                    maybe I'll get 3 or 4 different bottles- fresita, asti spumante, a prosecco and the Sea View- and see what happens.
                    The Crazy Eights sound great but I won't have time to get to Stouffville this week...

                    1. I've tried most of those recommended - the problem is finding one that matches the food - contrary to the marketing folks, 'champagne' doesn't go with everything!
                      I think the Fresita or an Asti are the best matches of those mentioned.
                      Although Segura Viudas is my 'go-to' sparkler for most things, I wouldn't serve it with cake. Neither would I serve a dry prosecco or the Seaview. And I wasn't knocked out by the Applewood products (although the raspberry version is pleasant).
                      My choice would be Sir Perry Pear Cider at $2.80 for a 500ml can (I know it's in a can, not a bottle, but it's also the cheapest alternative)! Product # 8144

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                      1. re: estufarian

                        Thanks for the recommendation for the Sir Perry Pear Cider. I was looking for a new light summer drink and this is delicious. It's much lighter and fresher than an apple cider. And it's a great price. And lots of LCBO outlets have it in stock.

                        1. re: middydd

                          I love Sir Perry. If you're looking for a light & fresh cider check out Stowford Press, it's $4.65 for a 660ml bottle. Product #364.

                          Now back to the sparkling wines...