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Jun 8, 2008 01:48 PM

The day the pub died in Atlanta

I was there the day the original Fado's opened and the day it closed, not to mention a thousand or so times between the two. I liked it, alot. Everyone I know did too....question is why is the new one like being at Disney World? Not to be harsh but it sorta totally sucks. The true faithful agree with me............something about rap and a pint don't mix. I lift a pint in fond memory.... to the question "How are you" Dave would say "sh*tty" thats I how I describe the new fados.

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  1. No offense intended, but I thought the old one was kinda prefab and plastic. Their whole concept- that you can truck in and outfit a space as 4 different styles of Irish pub, is too corporate for me. Ready for erection in any city in the US. Just sounds like the vibe has caught up with the furnishings.

    Even the Derek Lawford pubs, with their least-common-denominator import beer selection (and apparently forgetfulness about paying taxes) had/have a somewhat more-authentic setting.

    The good news is that there are a lot of 'pubs' out there in ATL that are authentic settings unique to our town. Without having to copy (or even uproot and import) pub furnishings from the UK.

    The funny thing is that, 10 years later, I still hear the myth repeated that Fado somehow has different/fresher/better Guiness than anyone else (3-tier system notwithstanding).

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      Manuel's ( ) is about as authentic a pub as I could ever want. Not Irish but otherwise a real pub.

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        I know there are alot of "pubs" in Atlanta, but none of them are any good. Maybe I am not aware of the ones you have in mind. I think the quality of the stout is purely from having lines cleaned on time and the turnover. By the way no offense taken.

        1. re: PFAinATLANTA

          I've never been to Fado, either before or after. I've also never found anyplace in Atlanta that did a good job of replicating a British pub. My experience of british pubs does not include ones in Ireland, so you may count me out, but I have spent a lot of time in pubs in England. The closest place to having a real pub vibe was Churchill Arms, particularly before they fixed the roof and it used to rain inside the building. In terms of beer selection, I think there are places to go that aren't trying to be "pubs" that have the best selection, not to mention the local breweries. As for pub food, they're all shite, IMHO. The string of pubs out here in the burbs (Ship and Anchor, Royal Oak, etc) have a sad pasty that's nowhere close to the wonderfrul concoctions in British pubs. For a while, they had a really delicious rarebit, but they took it off the menu! Meehan's shepherd's pie is lame, and the fish and chips is icky. If you want good, British-tasting f&C, go to Miller's Ale House on Mansell at 400. They are quick to offer up the malt vinegar (but no mushy peas). Maybe you have to be in a 700-year-old building to really get the British pub vibe, and we ain't got none of them hereabouts :)

          (Dear God, what I'd give for a Cornish pasty from Paddington station right now...)

          1. re: PFAinATLANTA

            I'll admit that I know nada about real English pub food, besides fish and chips. If that has any bearing on your sweeping generalization of a conclusion, then I'll cop to being clueless.

            And I'm not talking about wanna-be-British pubs. You can go to any city in the US and find someone trying to do the same thing, with varying levels of success. I'm talking about original Atlanta places that give the city its own character. Oh, and many even serve Guinness.

            The Brick Store- literally one of the best beer bars in the country; had a pint of Wells' Bombardier and listened to The Replacements "Tim" in its entirety a couple Saturdays ago.

            Others include:
            Manuel's- see above; not as beer focused, but definitely a 'joint'
            Flatiron, Gravity Pub, or The Earl in East Atlanta
            Moe's and Joe's- good lord, it's been there for 60 years or so; I can do without the PBR but I still occasionally end up there with friends
            Righteous Room- decent beer selection; excellent chips
            Twain's- house-brewed beer and pool, what else could you ask for

            That's just a couple that come to mind quickly at this late hour. Only one is likely to have any cask conditioned beer (something I'm sure Fado never has). Any/all may have varying levels of surly service depending on when you're there.

            Lots of choices. I'd argue that your reports of the pub's death are greatly exaggerated if you haven't tried any/all of these.