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Jun 8, 2008 01:31 PM

Dinner tonight at Yonge and Eg

I'm in need of a last minute idea for dinner out tonight with the 'rents. They are back in town and wanting to head out for a bite to eat. Looking local, around Yonge and Eglinton. Was thinking Lolo or Coquine. Wondering if anyone has been to either of these places recently and could weight in.


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  1. Do a search on La Coquine....someone just did a review a couple of posts down from you.

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      Coquine is great food ambiance and service....the Granite Brewery at Eg and Mt Pleasant has a beautiful back is parking underneath Miranda

    2. Have eaten at both. Some similarities in terms of bustle of the rooms and quality of food. Both are bery good in terms of food and service. Lolo does a prix fixe most nights of $25 for three courses.

      The noise can rise in Lolo with the proximity of the tables, while the bar at Coquine seems to attract large numbers of people some nights. Neither major faults that would comdemn. Main difference is that Coquine has predominately french menu while Lolo has reopened with an italian chef who was at Imperia before (Cibo long before).

      Also good for sundays is Zucca, which can be faultless at times.