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Jun 8, 2008 01:22 PM

Hidden gems in Kerrisdale?

I’m in Vancouver twice a year to visit family…and to eat out! The Husband and I live in an area with limited dining out choices so we try to fit in as many different spots as possible during our visits home….. I have a long list of new places to try based on the rec’s on this board …what I’d like help with is finding some new places close to where we stay in Kerrisdale. So any suggestions for special places in between 41st and 70th, Granville and Dunbar would be appreciated. Anything goes ....from low key coffee shops to high end dinner spots and especially late evening options…. coffee and desert or tapas and a drink, for after Mum has gone to bed!
We are adventurous eaters who love Asian, Indian and Seafood…Some of our regular favorites up there are the Golden Ocean, the Fish Café, Ajisai, Senova and Café Artiggiano…. What are we missing? We used to enjoy Japone up on Oak and 65th?..(so that’s still within range) and were sad to find it closed last time…any news on what happened there?..Have they relocated or simply shut down?

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  1. Please tell me you've been to the Red Onion on 41st?

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      Oh yes...forgot to mention the Red Onion I don't eat meat so probably miss the best of what they offer but yes great spot!...does anyone else take the onion home? Mom thinks she's supposed to?

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        Not strictly Kerrisdale but close by-a gem of a restaurant.

        Will do veggie as well-leaving out Trassi/Fish Sauce just ask.

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          Your list has captured all my favourite places in my old hood where my parents still live. I also like Sam Salmon's suggestion of Spice Island -- very tasty food and a tastefully appointed place.

          What about The Place (bit closer than the late lamented Japone) for no atmosphere but tasty Shanghai dim sum and great value for lunch or dinner?

          In Kerrisdale proper, I've had some decent food at Avenue Grill, although it's probably been a year since I last went.

          The Place Restaurant
          8028 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6P, CA

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            Just had another thought, if you're willing to go a wee bit north. How about La Buca for a great Italian trattoria experience? I recommend resos, though, as it is very tiny.

            La Buca Restaurant
            4025 MacDonald St, Vancouver, BC V6L2N8, CA

    2. On the upscale-ish dinner front, Suvai is nice: good short ribs, great crab cakes, odd service. I think they're open for lunch too. Its on 41st across from Irashai.

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        Thanks all of you for the great suggestions....I can't wait to try Spice Island and Suvai those are completly new to me and I'm glad to be reminded to try La Bucca. I've eaten at Avenue Grill twice in the past year...good food sounds like Suvai might be a similar choice. The Place sounds interesting does the dim sum compare to Golden Oceans?

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          Hi balini: I'm not a dim sum expert by any stretch but I'll try to differentiate and maybe someone more knowledgeable will chime in. The dim sum at The Place is $4.55 a plate, ordered a la carte and not available as "breakfast" but on the menu at dinner too. I think they open at 11:30. For two, you can order three or four items and that's more than enough, as opposed to the carts at Golden Ocean that are more of the "traditional" Cantonese-style (?) petite plates thing. On Saturday at the Place we ordered wontons in spicy garlic sauce ($4.55, 8 or 9 in the bowl, excellent), Shanghai style sesame cake ($4.55, 3 per order but they are the size of dinner rolls and full of tasty pork and chives in a flaky pastry), Shanghai style juicy dumplings aka XLB ($4.55, 6 per order IIRC) and a bowl of Shanghai rice cake soup (listed at $6.35 but they charged us $5.35 for the requisite small bathtub sized bowl). These four items were enough to fill us up with leftovers to take home to Dad for his lunch! Hope this helps.

      2. Sweet E's bakery in Kerrisdale is right below Golden Ocean and has a nice selection of baked goods. Golden Ocean also seems to have revived from its last little slump, everything was good on my last try. Butter Bakery in Dunbar is great for homespun bars: the Dunbar, Nanaimo Bar, Rhubar, cookies and in-house marshmallows. A lot of nuts though, if that is a concern.