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Lemon Tarte - sabayon or curd?

sarah galvin Jun 8, 2008 01:14 PM

I want to make a lemon tarte. I have a great recipe for lemon curd but the epicurious recipe I am looking at uses a sabayon. Would it make any difference? The epicurious recipe calls for browning under the broiler for a minute or two while still warm.

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    Erika L RE: sarah galvin Jun 8, 2008 04:42 PM

    Curd and sabayon are very diff. Curd is thick--it's basically a custard with lots of yolks, sugar, and lemon juice and/or rind, thinned with lots of butter, all cooked in a double boiler. You can drop a spoon full onto a piece of toast, and it'll hold its shape. A sabayon also uses yolks for binding and thickening and is also cooked in a double boiler, but the proportions are diff, and, more importantly, you beat the yolks with a whisk while they're cooking, so they become foamy. There isn't any butter, so it's a lot less rich. I use it as a topping for berries. Were it not for the epicurious recipe, I'd think it's too runny for a tart filling. I think that curd is a lot more intensely flavored than sabayon, so it's probably a matter of how heavily flavored you like your tarts. My guess is that you run it under the broiler to caramelize the sugar and get a crackly crust, which would work with either one, esp if you sprinkled a bit of extra sugar on top beforehand.

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      sarah galvin RE: Erika L Jun 8, 2008 06:03 PM

      Yes, chowser, this is the recipe that I found on epicurious. But it has butter, just like a curd, just added at a different time. Erika L, if you think it wouldn't matter which I use, I think I would rather use my curd recipe. I know it works and I like a bit of body. And thanks for the tip on adding a bit of sugar on top. That would make a nice crusty top. I think I will use the curd. Tried and true, ya know.

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        chowser RE: sarah galvin Jun 8, 2008 06:18 PM

        My favorite lemon curd recipes add the butter at the end, like the sabayon one by Thomas Keller. That sabayon is very similar to the lemon curd I like, except the whisking to make it lighter.

    2. chowser RE: sarah galvin Jun 8, 2008 04:54 PM

      If this is the recipe from Thomas Keller's Bouchon that's on the epicurious site, I've had my eye on it but as Erika said, I prefer the denseness of lemon curd. If you use your favorite tart crust, I like Alton Brown's lemon curd recipe from food network. Very rich, dense, lemony taste. Sometimes, I'll add a cream cheese layer in between the crust and the lemon curd. I did find this blog of the recipe you mentioned:


      It looks good.

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