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Jun 8, 2008 01:10 PM

Paula Dean - sticks finger in nose then in pie

I know allot of people think she is grand, but what I just saw her do is really gross, she is baking a pie with her eldest son, she scratches, seemed to me, inside her nose then proceeds to cut the pie & eat it. Before that she was cooking with her other son, licked her pointer finger then went on to the food she was cooking. Don't tell me they edit out her washing her hands because what they really should edit out is her licking and scratching. Makes you wonder what goes in her kitchen restaurant?

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  1. I'll have to dig up the article, but someone did a test of a bunch of kitchens of celebrity restaurants. A lot of big names failed. The one exception was Paula's as being immaculate.

    I'll add back to this thread when I can find it. Read it about a month ago. Surprised me too. Both that her's was the exception and how badly the others did.

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    1. re: HarryK

      I don't think that ole'Paula is really the one doing the scrubbing in her kitchen.

      1. re: Withnail42

        LOL! Can't disagree with that one, Withnail.

    2. If that freaks you out you should never eat at a restaurant or another person's house ever again.

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      1. re: EWSflash

        It's more of a case that if they are so open about doing disgusting things in public, never mind on tv, then you can only imagine what they get up to behind the kitchen doors.

      2. I'm assuming you've never been in a restaurant kitchen before. If someone scratching their nose bother you, even the inside, you might want to stay at home and cook....forever!

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          yes I have been in a restaurant kitchen and taken cooking and baking courses. The courses I took, and in my mothers and grandmothers kitchens, I was taught to be clean and sanitary. I would like to think that most cooks and chefs do the same, I hope unsanitary kitchens are the exception not the norm.

        2. I was a professionl chef for many years. Do people in a kitchen touch their nose? Scratch? Rub? Sure -- although my teacher -- and later, me -- would not have put up with it.

          But "pick* their nose, without immediately washing? Gross. I'm sure it happens -- I know it happens. But can you imagine a chef coming out into the dining room and picking their nose in front of the customers, much less wipe it on a plate? What an incredible lack of judgement. And if she's willing to do this in public -- and few things are more public than a TV show -- what else is she going to do? Spit in the food? In public?

          Oh, wait -- she's already done that, when she *stuck her tongue in a chocolate fountain*.
          And the FN not only aired it, but put it in a commercial. Oh, she's so naughty... :-P

          I will *never* eat in her restaurant. And the FN dropped extremely low when they *chose* to air it.

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          1. re: Richard 16

            For some reason I have a bigger problem with bugs and rodents running around when nobody is in the restauarant than I do with chefs rubbing, scratching, and possibly picking their noses when the place is open. Is either sanitary or desire? No way, but this isn't that big an issue. Do people not realize that a lot of chefs taste the food they are cooking and then dip the same spoon back into the pot, pan, etc? Is it really any different?

          2. hmmmmm I haven't seen that, but I certainly remember Justin Wilson picking his nose and rubbing it on his overalls.... (yummy.... NOT!)