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Jun 8, 2008 12:25 PM

Rome - Open in August?

We're in Rome with our 3 year old daughter from Aug 21 to 26, probably a bad choice of dates due to everyone leaving Rome in August, but have free lodging on Hilton points, so why not? Anyway, had seen a posting last year about Rome restaurant closures in August (ones that were open, ones that weren't). Any recommendations for ones that are likely open (and which ones are likely to be shut, so I don't get my hopes up)? Looking for relatively affordable, quaint, good local food, etc (and family friendly). I'm guessing the mom and pops are likely shut in August though?

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  1. These are some suggestions from the Gambero Rosso's "mangiare in agosto" section; many have gotten some discussion here. They probably all have websites.

    Al Bric
    Sanpietrino - ghetto - good, moderate food.
    Le Tre Zucche - Ostiense neighborhood - elegant and supposed to be excellent for the price. It has a 35 euro tasting menu
    Sora Lella - apparently not "all that" now but conveniently located on Tiber island and probably considered quaint.
    Pizzeria Pariolina - Great pizza in Parioli, a neighborhood not too far by taxi from the Hilton.
    Velando - a ristorante near Vaticano on Borgo Vittorio
    Antico Arco - pricey if you go all out, but excellent and high quality on the Janiculum.
    Arancia Blu - a vegetarian restaurant in San Lorenzo.
    Asinocotto - this is supposed to be a great fish restaurant in Trastevere
    Cul de Sac - wine bar with good food in the center of everything in Piazza Pasquino near Navona.
    Roscioli - "Wine bar"/restaurant near Campo dei Fiori.

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      FWIW, among the restaurants you have listed here, I would consider Al Bric, Cul de Sac and Roscioli worth visiting at any time of year. You won't be missing a thing at any of these 3. I would plan on Roscioli for lunch rather than dinner, however.

    2. I'm in the same boat on the same dates,visiting the city I love at a really unroman time of year. I just purchased Slow Food's Osterie & Locande D'Italia....of the 14 eating places they mention (in Rome), 1 may be open the week we are there. It seems a good choice: Tram Tram in the San Lorenzo neighborhood. Via dei Reti, 44-46. I should add that the book states Tram Tram's holiday as "1 week in August", I'm being optimistic that it's not the last week!
      Pappardelle, thanks for your list.

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        Thanks very much pappardelle and andhollis for the recommendations. Realized that late August wasn't the best time for Roman restaurants, especially some of the recommended ones, but I'm sure we'll find plenty of open places. Any input on Obika? Have read this is good before.

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          Actually many places will be closed only the week of Ferragosto (Aug 15) or in any case will reopen well before the end of the month. And in general people have caught on that August is quite pleasant in Rome -- unfortunately. Obikà is good but I would keep it in reserve for when it fills a need (light meals, flexible hours). I wouldn’t make it a destination in itself. Of course, if I want mozzarella, I go to Volpetti and buy it and eat it at home.