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Jun 8, 2008 12:14 PM

Amsterdam for the single diner

I'm going to be in Amsterdam for two nights on my own. Looking for good to excellent food, and money is not a big deal. Nothing fancy though, and no dress code, as will be in jeans and t-shirt type attire. Sitting at the bar is a fine and preferred option. Indonesian, Thai, and local dutch focus but am open to suggestions. Jordaan area or close favored. Appreciate any suggestions?

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  1. Can totally recommend , (Westermarkt 25) they have some great Thai-Mex food (yes I def. mean Thai-Mex). The ceasar salad gives you the head sweats, it's fab.....The cocktails are to die for and the DJ's play some good sounds (none of your usual rubbish


    Open Tuesday to Sunday 6-late

    I am biased though as I eat there every day and DJ there Tuesdays ;-p

    Hope you enjoy it if you go


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      hey larz, i'm through w/my gal for 3 nights at the end of june and am gonna pop by your spot...
      any other recs? we're staying at roemer near vondelpark ; )

    2. You should also try and get some Surinamese food while you're here, because the only other place you're ever going to taste it would be Suriname. Unfortunately, the Jordaan isn't the most awesome area of town to do this...if you're down near Waterlooplein though, you should definitely go to the Tokoman (Waterlooplein 327) and get a broodje pom (baked malanga and chicken) or kouseband/garnalen (shrimp and long beans) with everything (this means habanero sambal and pickled cabbage). Best 3 euros you'll ever spend.

      I also recommend picking up a sandwich at Patisserie Mercan (Rozengracht 148). This is in the Jordaan, and it's a Turkish bakery. What you want to order is a "Turkish pizza" with everything...this is a lahmacun, flatbread with minced lamb, sambal, and garlic yogurt sauce. Also less than 3 euros...

      I'll see if I can think of some evening meals....

      Lamahcun/Turkse Pizza at Mercan Patisserie, Rozengracht 148.

      1. Seasons is a wonderful bistro type restaurant. If I lived in Amderdam I'd be a regular there.