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Jun 8, 2008 12:12 PM

chez dominique in helsinki worth it?

Several of the 1*Michelin restaurants will be closed when we are in Helsinki end of July like Postres, Demo, and Carma. Is Chez Dominique worth the expense? Any first hand recent experience eating there or Nokka, Ilmatar, Fishmarket, Serata, La Cocina would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Just ate at Ilmatar on Tuesday. The food was good but unfortunately we were limited to a condensed menu as we had 15 in our party. I had the trout and Ilmatar’s caviar (smoked trout roe) which was excellent, especially the roe! Great wine list for Helsinki.

    Visited Fishmarket last year. One of my favorite seafood restaurants anywhere. Better atmosphere than Ilmatar. The seafood platters for a started is a must-have!

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      Thanks for reply---we're back from Helsinki. Decided against Chez Dominique but did have a delicious dinner at Havis. Disappointed with Fishmarket---maybe it was our weak dollar but everything was so expensive. Also liked Toscanini in same hotel as Ilmatar for a change of pace.

      1. re: trav

        It is the abysmally weak dollar -in addition to the fact that Helsinki has never been cheap.
        Anything that costs -f or example - 20 Euros there, will be 30 dollars for us buying with dollars.

        Sorry I did not see you post in time. You might have enjoyed Chez Dominique (except for the outrageous price tag). We have not eaten there for years, but close friends of ours just love the place. Well, they can afford it: they are paying with Euros.