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Jun 8, 2008 12:06 PM

Does This Happen to You? - Raspberries Rot/Mold Overnight

We buy raspberries primarily at Fairway. However, often they rot or mold the day after we've bought them. It doesn't seem to matter whether we put in fridge, wash or not. Does this happen to anyone else? Is there anything that can be done to prevent this?

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  1. This happens to me as well, and not just from Fairway. Usually the fuzz creeps up after two days. A lot of the berrys are coming from California, I they're not fresh when they arrive in the stores. If I buy it from a street vendor for a buck, then I don't expect it to last long...but at a gourmet market you're supposed to be able to do big shoppings without trying to eat everything in a day before it spoils.

    My favorite is the moldy food on display at various Food Emporiums. Freshly washed! Still for sale! That said, I've had the most problems with Trader Joe's produce. I bought a small sack of fingerling potatos that were watery mush within a week. Everything looks find, but it just doesn't last.

    Part of the problem is very few of us in Manhattan are living in apartments with sub zeros, and these dinky mini fridges they supply us with aren't helping the situation.

    1. When you get home, do you pick through them to take out the rotten/moldy ones? Mold spreads very quickly.

      Does this happen when you purchase raspberries from other places?

      This is what Whole Foods says to do:
      Raspberries are fragile and highly perishable and should be consumed or frozen within two days of purchase. When you get them home, inspect and discard any damaged or moldy berries. Place the remaining unwashed berries back in the container or on a plate, cover with paper towels and plastic wrap and refrigerate for up to two days. Do not keep at room temperature because they can spoil in a matter of hours.

      1. Raspberries are fragile, be very careful about the container you're selecting...any trace of mold or crushing and you're likely to have spoiling the next day. Probably the boxes you're picking up are already a few days from being picked by the time they get to you. They are not likely to last more than another day or two.

        Best not to wash them until eating, and it might help if you take them out of the box and spread them apart on a layer of paper towels before putting back in the fridge. At least you might limit the spread of mold that way. However don't expect too much, even here in CA if I am lucky enough to get a carton the day they are put out, they are probably not going to last more than 3-4 days. I just had a box of Driscoll brand that were beautiful!

        1. Check over and discard any moldy berries. Do NOT rinse. Put in wide-mouthed Mason jar (or other glass container with a tight-fitting lid). Refrigerate. Keeps a long time.

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            Yup. rworange did some tests on the glass jar method and reported on them a couple of years ago -- it works great for berries. Here's one thread:

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              Yes .. in a glass jar with the lid on works .. really! (Thanks rworange!) Don't wash.

              For strawberries, I'll hull them and slice and sprinkle with sugar and put them in glass with a lid and they'll keep a few days; I have not tried this with raspberries .. I just put them straight into a glass jar. (I live in CA and get raspberries at Costco .. always perfect.)

          2. Yes, has happened most recently w/berries w/Costco that were left out of the refrigerator and not washed. They were moldy within 2 mornings after purchase.