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Jun 8, 2008 11:52 AM

help with group reservation

i posted a while back about an italian place that would be good for a medium-sized group (about 15).
i was recommended to check out Bruna's or Franco's.
apparently, there is a large neighborhood festival in front of Bruna's next weekend and Franco's is out next weekend as well because of the Sox game.

does anyone have any other suggestions for affordable (<$15/entree) italian or american?

we all have cars and are willing to drive, but places with parking are a plus. :)

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  1. Never even heard of either one --hmm.

    A great spot at which I eat at least monthly is Bella Note on W Grand.

    1. I'd recommend Lucia Ristorante at 1825 W. North Ave. Food is good and priced around what you are looking for. They have outdoor seating that can accommodate up to about 20 which might be nice. Best part is that they are BYO.