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Jun 8, 2008 10:54 AM

Best in Madison, WI

Best in Madison, WI

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  1. For Steaks, Johnny Delmonico's
    Fish, not Fried, Sardine
    Fish Fry, Quivey's Grove
    Supper Club, Kavanaugh's Esquire Club
    Breakfast, Marigold Kitchen
    Late Night, Weary Traveler Free House

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    1. re: billjames_88

      Sardine is great - had the seared whitefish with a pea risotto on Friday... yum!

      Also had a tasty bratwurst at the Essen Haus for lunch on Saturday.

      1. re: Cookiefiend

        -Man, forget best in Madison, the best bloody mary in the WORLD - Tornado.
        -Also, finally eating at L'Etoile in the springtime when it's all morels and asparagus, it was so good, it made me re-consider my feelings regarding some San Francisco restaurants of it's caliber
        -It's been awhile, but I always liked the Chimichurri (sp?) sauce at Magnus

        -Old favorites from undergrad were the stuffed chicken at Kabul, which went through a dry phase, but is good again now; also, the momo's at Himal Chuli, and the cheese curds at the 'dice (when there is no hair in them)
        -And so so so many others, that I am getting angry again thinking about the fact that people dare compare Madison to where I live now (Ann Arbor)!
        -I haven't been to some of those places you guys listed, because it's been a while. I will have to check 'em out when I am on the lam from Michigan, thanks!

    2. Best wine/coffee lounge: Sucre. Open good 'n' late!

      1. by far the best food places are ENO VINO and LOUSIANNE'S MIDDLETON

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        1. re: lestererik

          I actually like Vin Santo next door on Hubbard Street better. It's more of a mom-and-pop place than Lousianne's, since the chef (Gregg) and the hostess (Clarissa) are the owners. The food is "hearty" Italian food, prepared with very good and very fresh ingredients (including home-made pasta).

          I'm really not doing it justice, it's one of the few restaurants in Madison I've really missed since I moved.

        2. Best visuals and diner grub: Ellas Kosher Deli & Ice Cream. The entire restaurant is filled with toys, puppets, paper-mache figures, you name it. The owner (I think) builds new ones and keeps the oldest ones in good repair. It's great diner-style food and huge ice-cream desserts (cash only) too - pancakes, sandwiches, burgers, and so on. In summer they have a carousel outside.

          1. Took my daughter and her friends to visit the University three weeks ago. Most memorable meal was lunch at the Caribbean Cafe. All the meats were deliciously seasoned and all three teenage Minnesotan natives overcame their parochialism to inhale the dishes.

            Just for kicks, I got one each of their two baklavas. Both were excellent, but the one made with cashew may well be the best baklava I've ever eaten. That one will always be a fond memory.

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            1. re: discus

              Oops, I meant the Mediterranean Cafe. My bad.