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Jun 8, 2008 10:40 AM

Skinny on Indian mangoes?

Anyone have the scoop on where I can get Indian mangoes this season? Haven't seen them at Central Market this year, Whole Foods doesn't carry irradiated produce, and my local Indian grocer--MGM on Burnett--says they were just too expensive to stock this year.

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  1. Haven't seen 'em but did a bit of research since I was out of the country last year and missed the lifting of the import ban.

    Under normal conditions because of the severe restrictions placed on Indian exporters, cost is about $3 per mango.

    In the last few weeks however severe weather in India has wiped out an estimated 20 percent of the mango crop.

    Today the Times of London reported that mangoes are "becoming fewer and less sweet as changes in weather patterns affect harvests." Many are blaming global warming.

    Assuming the mango crop rebounds in future years there are changes afoot which could cut the price of a case in half.

    But if you've got to have them this year, here's a place that sells Indian mangoes by mail order.
    Beware, the price is $40 for a half dozen, plus shipping.

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      I nominate this as the most helpful post (to a specific query) in a long time........

      1. re: rudeboy

        Thank you! I appreciate it and accept the nomination. I will even show up at the awards ceremony!

      2. re: ridgeback

        I agree with rudeboy: this is incredibly useful. Thanks for the info, ridgeback.

        FWIW, they were 5 bucks per mango last year at Central Market.

        1. re: sgarland

          I bought one at Central Market a couple of months ago and haven't seen them since. It was around $3.