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Jun 8, 2008 10:33 AM

Ketchum/Sun Valley Restaurant Suggestions

I travel to Sun Valley and Ketchum all the time. But wanted to get out of my normal range of restaurants.

Any reviews of:

Vintage Restaurant

East Avenue Bistro


My usuals, Sawtooth, Pio, CK's, Ketchum Grill, Grumpy's, Sushi on 2nd.


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  1. I lived there for 10 years and have been back for visits over the past few summers. I rarely venture beyond the places in your list of usuals, especially the Pio and Grumpys. Although I do also like the fish tacos at KB's. And I liked Christina's when I tried it two summers ago. And the Kneadery for breakfast. IIMHO, the Wood River Valley is just not the place for fancy, complicated dining. Happiest day - long hike followed by cold beer and burger at Grumpys or Sawtooth. I enjoy that so much I have pretty much no need to look elsewhere for a meal.

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      Thanks! I love Christina's and the Kneadery but were thinking more dinner locations. I really am looking for some info on Vintage. I have read good things but wanted to hear more.

      1. re: skisvalley

        Hi! Vintage is great-really cozy little cabin in downtown Ketchum. Its small, so the dining is very intimate. The food is eclectic-meaning its your basic fare with a little twist to it. Has a wonderful following.
        Another good place would be the Roosevelt Grille-local, organic food from mostly Southern Idaho. Great Idaho wines, and the best views of Bald Mt. in town from the roof top deck.