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Jun 8, 2008 10:09 AM

wine in annapolis

The Purple Tooth Wine Bar and Wine Store in annapolis

Went there last night. It was awesome. We went before dinner and never left. The place rocks. It is a wine bar and wine shop. They just won best wine list in the region. They aren't a restaurant but they've got the best cheese plate I have ever seen or had! My husband and I ordered a 5 cheese with cured meat and stayed the entire night feasting on cheese and wine. The staff was so friendly and knowledgeable about wine but not pretentious at all. They have flights, tastes, and glasses. All the bottles are priced as in a retail store so they are way below what you would spend in a restaurant. I saw a bottle of Pinot Noir that I had just had in DC last week for $35 cheaper. Also, you can get 10% of any retail or to go bottle as long as you drink a glass in the bar beforehand. They said they have grilled cheese night on wed that seems to have a cult following. We loved the place, check it out - nice people. It's on west street next to the lowes hotel.

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  1. Just a quick post, but my husband and I went here and LOVED it! What a great spot. Great prices, nice ambiance, and wonderful people. How can you go wrong! :)

    1. I was there last weekend, as well, and loved it. The only improvement The Purple Tooth could make would be adding more substantial food offerings. Although I really enjoyed the cheese plate, I prefered to linger there all night instead of having to move on for dinner. This place is near perfect!

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        no kitchen and no license to have one, I believe. hence the cheese....kinda the same spot Grand Cru is in, but they get creative with a pizza oven and a hot plate.