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Jun 8, 2008 09:56 AM

Vintage Restaurant, Ketchum/Sun Valley, ID

Looking for reviews of Vintage Restaurant in Ketchum, ID. If anyone has dined here please let me know. I have a group of 8 food marketers I am bringing to Ketchum and am thinking of this restaurant as a possible dinner location.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Hi! Vintage is great-really cozy little cabin in downtown Ketchum. Its small, so your group will probably take up most of the restaurant. The food is eclectic-meaning its your basic fare with a little twist to it. Has a wonderful following.
    Another good place would be the Roosevelt Grille-local, organic food from mostly Southern Idaho. Great Idaho wines, and the best views of Bald Mt. in town from the roof top deck.

    1. Last night I dined in the garden at Vintage restaurant in Ketchum, ID. This had to be one of the finest dining experiences I have ever had. Seated among a grove of trees, on the lawn, I dined on Mango Soup and Gazpacho, Drank Rose, then a fabulous pork dish, and finally grilled peaches with vanilla ice cream. The service was attentive and relaxed, like you were dining at a friends home.

      I made two additional reservations already!

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        Vintage is really good. I frequently forget about it when I recommend places here (I live half a mile away), largely because they are full about 80% of the times I try to make a reservation to eat there. When I do get in, once or twice a year, they are very very good and have never disappointed me or any of my friends who have eaten there with me.