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Jun 8, 2008 09:50 AM

Wellsville, NY area?

Hello there -- my husband and I will be stopping in the Wellsville, NY area while on a road trip. We are interested in finding a good restaurant either in or close to this town. We will have put about 350 miles on the motorcycle by the time we check in to the hotel there, so won't want to journey too far...... Would prefer healthy, non-chain, any variety of ethnic especially interesting. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.....

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  1. Try the Beef Haas - and there's a little Italian joint that escapes me at the moment. Other than that, I'd go over to Olean as there are more choices.

    1. The Beef Haus is probably the "nicest" place in Wellsville to eat, although it never impressed me...I lived there years ago, and I visit often...it has always been a very blue collar area. If you're willing to step out of the "healthy" thing, try the Texas Hot. It's a great diner, and they're well-loved for their Texas Hots...hot dogs with a special, spiced minced onion topping. The onion rings are to live for. Stay away from the Chinese place, it's mediocre at best. Feel free to contact me about anything else regarding Wellsville.

      1. Which way are you coming from? I wouldn't keep driving on 86/17 to get to Olean from Wellsville, but if you are driving east, stop in Olean at eat at Attard's which is a lebanese/italian place (I know it sounds weird, but is really good!) Here is a link to the menu

        1. I used to have a project in Hornell that is not too far away. There was a good italian place there but the name now escapes me. Also a great place on Main for hero sandwiches, better than I have had anywhere else.

          Oh and I forgot, I did work in Wellsville also and they always took me to the Beef Haus for lunch. This was almost 15 years ago and it is amazing that it is still there.

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            Thanks so much to houdini, coffeeteaormud, mom2, and rolise -- great to have some leads! Mom2, Lebanese/Italian sounds intriguing --- it has that continuity of being based in Mediterranean ingredients perhaps...? Wonderful, will have to check it out. If we make a surprise discovery in this area we'll certainly post as well!

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              I think the italian place I went to is Giovanni's in Hornell. Hornell seems to have more restaurants than Wellsville. If you google Hornell, NY Restaurants you will get a list some with some links to reviews. Italian food in that area is quite good.

          2. The Italian Place in Wellsville is La Italia. It is one of the best restaurants in the area.