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Jun 8, 2008 09:24 AM

Grilled Pizza?

I'd like to give grilled pizza a shot but was curious how others like to make this. I was planning on using Trader Joe's pre made pizza dough but beyond that not sure what to do with it.

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  1. I like to roll out the dough and brush it with a little olive oi., then put it on the grill until it crisps a bit. Then I add the toppings, and put it back on the grill.

    1. Here's a recent thread with a link to a previous discussion.

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        Thanks bear, I did a search for it before I posted but it came back with posts about hiding vegetable in food for kids and a lot of other unrelated things. I seem to never get good results using search!

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          I hear you. Recently I've been putting what I'm looking for in quotes, and it has helped weed out a lot of the unrelated stuff.

          Anyway, if you have time and you do grill your pizza, post and let us know how it turned out!

      2. Trader Joe's dough is very hard to work with...purchase it a local pizza place--night and day better!

        I use TJs Brushetta sauce (bottled) and their Quattro Formaggio. Very good!

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          It's easy to make your own dough. Here's my method from grilling pizza:

          Have fun!

        2. I've done quite a couple on a grill - it's quite tricky, but a neat party trick, and a much appreciated snack for guests waiting for meat.

          I don't know what type of grill you have, but I've never found it hot enough with the lid on to cook the top of the base. So what I do is - put the base, without toppings, on the grill. Rotate grill as necessary if it is cooking unevenly. Once the bottom is crisp, flip the base over (this is quite acrobatic - I use tongs and a metal spatula) so the raw top side is now on the bottom. Working quickly, spread topping on the now-crisp top, and cover with the lid. Check in 3-5 minutes; it should be cooked.

          Like making pizzas in your oven (as opposed to a professional pizza oven) cook any ingredients that need cooking (mushrooms, bacon, etc) before putting on the pizza. The heat's enough to melt cheese, but not enough to cook ingredients on top of your pizza in five minutes.

          Eat immediately - it goes soggy quickly. The most popular topping is marinara sauce, a bit of normal mozzarella, slices of camembert and pear. And then add arugula leaves on top when serving.

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            This is also how I do mine. If you are having a party, I put individual size crusts between wax paper prior to cooking w/corn meal to keep them separate. After cooking the one side, pull them off and let people top their own pizza on the cooked side then throw them back on the grill. People love this!

            1. re: jodymaryk

              Great idea to get everyone to help!

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              This flip technique is about what I do. I actually do an indirect/direct config where I brown the bottom on the direct heat side and then flip it to the burner-off side to top and finish. I haven't tried it with a peel yet but now that I have one, I'm going to give it a whirl this week since I don't want to fire up the oven in this weather.

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                jzerocsk, you must be on the Eastcoast. Here in Seattle it is cold and rainy with snow in our mountains! We are calling it June-ary! I would love to be BBQ. It looks like November outside my window. Weatherman just said we will be in the mid 50-s most of the week.

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