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Jun 8, 2008 09:15 AM

San Diego for a week for biz-need recs please!

My husband is going to be traveling for business this week in San Diego and needs some recommendations for good places to eat. He will be staying at a hotel on Shelter Island Drive, so not too far from that. Sushi, good Mexican, Italian, and places for breakfast would all be really helpful. Probably not interested in extra fancy dining as there won't be a lot of time for it. Also, if there is some place that you think can't be missed, that would be good too. Thanks so much!

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    1. re: Cathy

      yes he will have a car-doesn't have to be walking distance just needing it to be not too far since they are all going to be pretty busy- no more than 20 minutes driving. Thanks!

    2. On Shelter Island there is the Red Sails..crusty maritime place that is great for breakfast/lunch and dinner..I usually go for breakfast.
      Brigantine has a great happy hour all week long..some great fish tacos
      Miguels for Mex and Old Venice for Italian..
      Point Loma Seafoods for good fish sandwiches..
      Drinks at either Bali Hai for mai tais or Humphrey's.
      He can walk to all these places from his hotel or the water taxi can take him to Downtown/Coronado.

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      1. re: Beach Chick

        Con Pane in Pt Loma for great sandwiches and breakfast breads

        1. re: sandshark

          Love Con Pane!
          I don't really like bread but they have the best rustic breads..the sandwiches are some of the best in town..

        2. re: Beach Chick

          Second Point Loma Seafood BC.
          I just had the scallop sandwich with the addition of shredded lettuce last Wednesday, and it was outstanding. The sourdough bread they use is really tender, the scallops were juicy, tender and flavorful, and their house made tartar sauce was excellent. I have been thinking about that sammy ever since (I know, that is slightly disturbing).

          1. re: Captain Jack

            Just got out of the pool after swimming for 3 hours and the first thing that came to mind was the scallop sandwich and if I was closer, I would be SO there and I always kid those guys that I want to 'french kiss' them every time they make me that sandwich!
            Sorry for the visual... ; )

        3. The restaurant at the Pearl Hotel on Rosecrans a couple blocks away. It is an old Hotel/Motel that has been rennovated to reflect the kitchy-cool, mod-hipness of the 60's. Small restaurant with some outdoor seating by the swimming pool, pretty quite during the early evening and during the week (except Wednesdays when they show a movie outdoors on the canvas screen). They have recently brought on a talented young chef that is doing some interesting things in the kitchen with very high quality ingredients. Think trendy, fine-dining entree's at mid-level prices and a groovy atmosphere.