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Jun 8, 2008 08:47 AM

Greenbelt Farmer's Market (featuring Zeke's Coffee)

After many years of living in Greenbelt with few decent market options, they decided to open a Sunday farmer's market in Roosevelt Center just as soon as I move away. Although this particular market is not a destination market like Dupont, Arlington, or Eastern, it's notable for two reasons:

-Folks in central P.G. County now have another decent market (in addition to the Saturday College Park market) when they don't feel like making the schlep all the way into DC. There was a good early-season selection of asparagus, strawberries, shelling peas, spring onions, and assorted greens and root vegetables, as well as an orchard.

-Zeke's Coffee, a Baltimore roaster which seems to be popular with the Baltimore chowhounds, has a stand here. However, unlike the JFX market, they don't have a long line here.

For the record, here's a (partial) list of vendors:
-Pat Hochmuth Delmar
-Friendly Hall Farm
-Common Ground Farm
-Three Springs Fruit Farm

There were about 3 or 4 other stands, in addition to Zeke's.

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  1. Is this a Saturday or Sunday market?

    Even with a line, Zeke's is worth the wait!

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    1. re: GirlintheCurl

      Sunday. I very much doubt it's worth the drive from Baltimore (especially on a day like to day, when it's too hot to even move), but it's definitely worth knowing about if you're nearby.

    2. Is that Eleanor Roosevelt HS up the hill from Greenway shopping center ?

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      1. re: 3MTA3

        No, the Roosevelt Center is the city center of old Greenbelt, roughly here:

      2. What time is it open on Sundays? I'm a member of the Greenbelt Coop and I go to the library there several times a month, so I know Roosevelt Center pretty well.

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        1. While I'm here, I might as well add that the beans I got from Zeke's (Nicaraguan Matagalpa, which appear to be about full city roast) make a damn fine cup of coffee.

          The strawbs and shelling peas were good as well.

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          1. re: alopez

            Ya know Bowie has a decent Farmers Market (decent for the suburbs), and its open on Sunday mornings too.