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Jun 8, 2008 08:46 AM

Searching for the real Dover Sole.

Has anyone had a good Dover Sole recently. I’m talking about the real, imported from Europe variety, not the cheap mis-named stuff in the markets. This dish is usually found in fine restaurants and is served table side, the waiter wheels in out and debones it for you. (I like to debone it myself.). The best I’ve had was in the Rancho Bernardo Inn and in the Italian restaurant in Treasure Island, Las Vegas. I would also, really like to find a source to buy it fresh and cook it myself. A simple pan saute with butter and a bit of lemon and parsley. Heaven. The fish looks like a miniature halibut and is flat, about 10-12 inches. This is one my favorite dishes and I have a serious craving.

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  1. Fish King in Glendale stock it fresh, also really excellent Petrale sole.

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    1. re: sally from LA

      Sally from LA,
      Is it the whole fish?

    2. I do not know whether I have had Dover Sole or just ordinary but good US flounder. However, I do know that attaching the name "Dover" to the filet raise the price to between 40 and 50 US Dollars for one filet in this area of suburban Manhattan. In my opinion this is absurd

      How can we know what we are eating and in the end - is Dover Sole really better than flounder?

      Thank you for your attention.

      Mary Louise Murray-Johnson
      NY and Heidelberg, Germany

      1. You can get it frozen at Surfas

        1. I hardly know what to believe about this - I have read authoritative articles which state flatly that no true Dover sole exists in West Coast fish markets, and that whatever we find labelled "Dover sole" is actually flounder, lemon sole, whatever (depending on whose article you're reading). The sad truth is that fish can be sold by their market names, which often has nothing at all to do with their species names; "red snapper" can be any number of things, usually rockfish, for instance. The whole mess to me cries out for regulation, but that's just how I am...

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          1. re: Will Owen

            You can't get FRESH Dover Sole here but you can get it frozen if you're willing to pay the price. They have the real thing frozen at Surfas. It has the rounded snout of the true Dover and not the pointed head of the flounder which is the usual substitute.


            I found this on web. They list wholesalers and agents for Dover Sole, solea solea. They may be able to direct you to who sells real dover sole in LA or how you can order it a website. Good luck!