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Jun 8, 2008 08:26 AM

Best Baseball Stadium Bites

Baseball + Food = The Chowfather

This link tells you what to get and avoid at each stadium

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  1. In Denver, one can eat carved roast beef with horseradish sauce as you watch the Rockies lose. Great food at Coors Field.
    I attend a lot of Tampa Devil Ray games here in Florida; Tropicana field is an easy hop across the Skyway bridge for me. At a game last week that was "dollar hot dog night", the 8 college guys behind me wolfed down 70 of them. I didn't count the beers but there was a lot of spillage.

    1. So much for the famous Dodger Dog, though it still seems to have a lot of fans.

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        That was a great article. That guy has the best job on the planet!