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Jun 8, 2008 08:20 AM

Jersey City best Filipino restaurant

I'm tired of NYC Filipino restaurants and I've heard NJ has best choices. Especially in Jersey City. I want to get there for lunch today.

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  1. well if you live in manhattan take the path train to journal square and take a bus to west side ave. and you'll find plenty of filipino restaurants on that street..

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    1. re: xazian

      I'm actually living in Journal Square this summer, but I'm intimidated by the Filipino restaurants, mostly because I have no idea what to try! I really do want to explore the options though. Do you have recommendations for specific restaurants/dishes? I've been to the Filipino grocery store, but I'm never sure what to get.

      1. re: ryssiebee

        I tried the Fiesta Grill in Jersey City. The food was very authentic and very reasonably priced. The crispy patta was good, the kare kare was good, I think it's one of the better places. the Red Ribbon Bakery has good dessert, and good ponsit and lumpia

        1. re: foodwhisperer

          Heard on the Joan Hamburg radio show (WOR) that there is a great Filipino restaurant in Sayreville, NJ - Philipino Ihawan. Has anyone eatin there?
          Many moons ago we had a Philipino YaYa (baby nurse) that also use to cook for us - and I have fond memories of her Philipino Chicken and Chicken Adobo.