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Road trip west of Portland, ME. Any suggestions?

This might be a stretch since most of the posts comment on coastal Maine, but we're arriving in Portland, then driving northwest thru Cumberland and south Oxford counties to White Mountains of NH. Any suggestions along the way? (promised to pick up my cousin in Hiram, but haven't mapped our route yet) Any way, if there are any good places to stop, we'd be sorry to hear that we missed, let me know. Just looking for tasty, good food.

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  1. I haven't eaten there myself, but have heard that this place is excellent. http://local.yahoo.com/details?id=104...

    1. Krista's Restaurant on Rte. 25 in Cornish Village is very good for simple, well prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner (www.kristasrestaurant.com) They have nice outdoor seating above a waterfall and very good house made baked goods. I also love the Rte. 160 Ice Cream/hot dog stand just outside Kezar Falls.

      1. Oxford House Inn - Fryeburg. They have a nice, formal dining room and also Jonathan's that is less formal.

        Oxford House Inn
        548 Main St, Fryeburg, ME 04037

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          1. Not really a destination spot (and probably a bit south of where you will be), but if you like quirky places to eat, there is a place in Sebago (across from the lake) called Adison's that is within a campsite, of all things. It is tiny and looks like more of a private place for campers to get food, but it is a full-service restaurant with home-cooked meals. Very cheap prices, too.

            Another option is Cole Farms in Gray:


            1. Route 302 and vicinity: Good sandwiches at Good Life Market, in Raymond.In Naples, Sydney's is the best spot for dinner. I had a good lunch at the Freedom Cafe, but service was ultra slow. Detour up to Lovell and Ebenezer's Restaurant and Pub for one of the finest selections of Belgian beers in the country and good pub grub. For finish-dining, Oxford House in Fryeburg or Center Lovell Inn, in Center Lovell.

              Route 25 and vicinity: In Cornish, try Krista's, Cornish Inn or Bay Haven Lobster Pound Two (operated by a fishing family, so fresh).

              Route 26--lots of good choices in Bethel, but that's probably too far north. Worth the drive for the two ice cream farmstands in Norway.

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                As someone who half-way grew up in Lovell, stay away from Ebenezer's if you go at the beginning or end of tourist season. I've had their "fried haddock filets" which were probably some Gorton's frozen filets they popped into an oven.
                I'll second the Oxford House for good food & a great view of Mt Kearsarge & other mountains and Sydney's. There is also a great winery in Naples, on the right as you drive west. Stone Forge Winery, I think.

              2. I'm not sure if it is in the right area, but I just posted about a small palce called Teh Lost Gull in Oxford. A great choice for a quick and inexpensive fried seafood lunch.

                1. great - thank you all so much! Quirky is always fun. Glad to hear we won't starve!

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                    I've always enjoyed stopping at Bray's brew pub on Rt. 302 in Naples: very interesting beers, better-than-average pub food, including some excellent local sausage products: http://www.braysbrewpub.com/index1.html

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                      I've been to Rick's Cafe in Naples, but not to Bray's. Is Bray's next to Rick's?

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                        Bray's is directly across 302 at the traffic light in Naples where Rte 35 goes North along the East side of Long Lake up to Harrison. (It's before the drawbridge if driving North on 302).

                        It's a converted Victorian on the opposite side of the street from Foodland and Rite Aid.