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Jun 8, 2008 07:14 AM


I really love and miss Cambodian food. I had it a lot in the '80's when I went to school in Providence RI where immigrant some Cambodians worked in Chinese places. That was more of a chinese-cambodian hybrid, but they often pointed out some more traditional dishes to me when I spoke to them. Damn that was good.

Any real Cambodian places in the NYC area? Queens? Brooklyn?

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  1. Hey NYJB, I grew up in Providence and fondly remember some of the Cambodian places there too! When I first moved to Brooklyn 15 years ago, there used to be a Cambodian place near BAM, but the space is now Smoke Joint BBQ. According to Zagat, there is a Cambodian place called KAMPUCHEA on the Lower East Side, but I haven't had a chance to check it out yet. (By the way, if you ever visit R.I. again, there's a great new Cambodian place on Wickenden Street called Ankgor.)

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      Funny you say that parkslopemama, my friend and I were thinking about going (22 years after getting kicked out of college)!

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        I'm guessing Kampuchea Restaurant is pitched to guailaos, as most expat Cambodians would spit at that name for Cambodia, which was last used by the Pol Pot regime.

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          You should read up on Cambodia before making comments like that. 'Kampuchea' was the former name of Cambodia before it was westernized. This is a name widely used even now among our people be the true name of our country. Cambodia is derived from the french name 'Cambodge'. Pol pot renamed it after taking over 'Democratic Kampuchea'. YOU should be clear on facts before speaking, it will serve you better in life. Just a little thought. As for Kampuchea Restaurant, I am khmer and I support what Chef Chau has been trying to do with our cuisine. I have had the pleasure of sitting down with him after dining in the restaurant. His cuisine is not traditional or classic. Its inventive using traditional techniques. I definately went in thinking the same as everyone else and hoping it was similar to my family's cooking. I am happy that it wasn't. The ribs, monkfish liver, crispy pork belly, mussels, oxtail stew and sandwich tastings are deliciously addictive.

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          Go to Ankgor's location outside of Providence - even the staff on Wickenden says it's more authentic!

          I think the place in the LES is kind of gringo.

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            I've been to Kampuchea twice and it's pretty good. I wouldn't say it's out of this world but pretty good and I would go back a third time.


            Their small plates were great, especially the ribs. I also really enjoyed all their sandwiches, everything was fresh with good flavors.

          2. Try a place called Cambodian Restaurant (that's the actual name). It's on 3rd Ave between 93St and 94St in Manhattan. My Cambodian friend says that it's quite authentic. I think the owner used to have a restaurant in Brooklyn.

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              yes, this is the former Cambodian Cuisine people who moved their operation to Manhattan.