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Jun 8, 2008 07:12 AM

Kingwood (burb just north of Houston)

I've not found many posts about my hometown and most of them are several years old. Who makes it up here to eat? I am always looking for a new place to try. I generally just go to Houston for favorite restaurants, but gas prices are making me a bit more interested in local.

For me, burgers are best at Bill's. Pete's will do in a pinch.
Since Tan's closed, I've still not decided on a favorite Chinese restaurant. I'd say that Hunan's near Randall's is the best contender. Mencius' is the other top choice.
Italiano's in Humble for Italian
Sandwiches - Chelsea's Deli
Mexican - Rico's or Rancho Grande
Thai - Sushi Hana in Town Center
Pie - Mrs. C's on Lake Houston Parkway. Oh Wow - Great chocolate pie (everything actually!) and the ladies who own the bakery are sweeter than their baked goods.

I've not yet had an opportunity to go to Raffa's. I've been told that it won't disappoint.

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  1. Raffas is pretty good. For upscale I think CHez Nous in Humble is one of the best restaurants in the area.

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      Without a doubt, Chez Nous is fantastic! I could eat there once a week if it just fit in the budget!

    2. i like chelsea deli, i'm glad it's still around.

      have you been to humble city cafe? it's a quaint little joint serving up country food, like CFS, pot roast, and cast-iron skillet cornbread.

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        Yes, I have been to Humble City Cafe. A little salty for my tastes, but I go about once a year when the need for cornbread hits!

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          Ok, it will look like I'm talking to myself, but wanted to report on a restaurant I tried today. I ordered the meal to go, but I was delighted in the Executive Lunch Menu at Chimichurri's on Lake Houston Parkway. For $13.95, a choice of soup or salad, entree and dessert. I ordered the chicken soup, steak with house signature sauce and flan. I haven't even tried the soup yet since I was so anxious to try the steak. As I was driving home, the smell of the steak was driving me crazy. It was beautifully cooked and absolutely delicious. There were grilled vegetables and mashed potatoes to accompany. The flan was better than any that I've made but I would have been happier with just a teaspoon more of the sugary sauce.

          Without a doubt, I'll go back here.

          1. re: onatrip

            (replying so it doesn't look like you are talking to yourself)

            thanks for the report. i'm in kingwood every now and then. sounds like a great deal, i'll keep it in mind.

      2. Chez Nous is kind of the standard for french food in Houston.
        Railroad Cafe??? downtown humble. I ate there about 5-7 years ago and it was very good.
        Might try Raffas this week. A high school friend I have not seen in 20 years is the Chef...

        1. Yep, I think Raffa's is a good option. Apparently they have opened up a couple of other things in that same development that aren't so hot (my parents are NOT fans of that Italian place that just opened up there). Chez Nous is classic, and I've enjoyed that new sushi place in Town Center quite a bit. They really take care of you there and the sushi is great. Finally, I have to mention J Christopher's. I remember going there before homecoming around 13 years ago! Whoa, I am dating myself. Anyways, that's some good old-fashioned home cooking. It's good and reasonable for lunch if you want to put yourself into a food coma for the rest of the day...Oh, and who could forget the original restaurant that the owners of Raffa's opened - Amedeo's???? They are so hospitable and it's a great place to have dinner, even if it is in a strip mall off of loop 494 :)

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          1. re: katiedid710

            i like amedeo's a lot. i'm glad to know it's still around after all these years!
            welcome to CH katie :) you have a lot of good comments & suggestions.

            1. re: neverfull

              I don't think I've ever eaten so much in 12 hours in my life! I just got home a while ago from Raffa's. A friend heard of a special they were running tonight for 50% off. Yes, that was a great number to get my friends to finally give it a try.

              We ordered three different appetizers: fried oysters, crab cakes and baked brie. Of the three, the oysters were the best appetizer.

              For our entrees, we ordered: double thick pork chop, boeuf bourgignon and rack of lamb. The beef was the best of the entrees. We commented that the beef was so tender we had difficulty keeping it from falling apart.

              Dessert: Well, we paced ourselves a bit here - just two desserts! I split the apple cinnamon bread pudding and tried a bite of the pecan pie. Both were good, but I wouldn't rave about them. I saw the chocolate mousse cake go by our table. It looked absolutely decadent.

              What I enjoyed most here was the service. I think this was the first restaurant I've visited in Kingwood where the object wasn't to turn the table as quickly as possible. Our waiter was hard working yet not rushing us to leave.

              I definitely enjoyed my meal but commented to my friends that I've had much better crab cakes and rack of lamb elsewhere.

              Will I go back? I'd say so, but believe that I'll go at lunch instead.

              Katiedid mentioned Amadeo's on 494. Raffa's is owned by the same owners as Amadeo's. I'd say of the two, I prefer Amadeo's. The Southwestern Rigatoni is what keeps me coming back.

              1. re: onatrip

                Thought I'd talk to myself again. lol

                A new casual restaurant has opened on West Lake Houston Pkwy between Kingwood Drive and Northpark - City Eats. I really like their chicken parmesan sandwich and their redneck dog. They have an emphasis of offerings that originate in New Jersey. I didn't think I'd get that excited about this restaurant when it first opened but I generally pop in there about once a week. There is limited seating so I generally get my meals to go. Super nice owners who work hard for their customers to enjoy their experience and meal.

                1. re: onatrip

                  I love City Eats. I think of it as a hot dog place but they have quite a few sandwiches and italian ices. I think they are the only spot around here that serves Sabrett hot dogs and dressings. I agree, the owners are very nice, hard working guys.

                  For pie try Judy Coons in Huffman. She makes homemade pies every day. Their buttermilk is one of the best I've had. The shop is only open M-F from 11:00-2:00 so you will have to go at lunch. It is well worth it.

                  Lastly, try Two Gems ice cream, next to Raffa's, where they serve Trentino gelato.

                  Kingwood really has quite a few good spots for dining.

                  1. re: Lily Dale

                    I had no idea that Two Gems served gelato. I will have to pop in the next time I am over there.

          2. Mrs. C's has closed. :(

            I'm always looking for a great slice of chocolate pie.