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Jun 8, 2008 06:55 AM

Summer Play Date Recipes

Anyone have any neat recipes for summer play dates with moms and toddlers?

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  1. to eat or cook together?

    1. We used to do big bowls of grapes (cut in half if that's age-appropriate), chunks of watermelon, cataloupe, etc. Homemade or store-bought fruit pops are great fun and fabulous to eat out of doors and preferably when you can hose off the consumer . . . homemade might be better 'cause you can make them in a skinny mold - better for little kids. For an activity you can have the kids (depending on age) make kabobs w/cut melon - give 'em plastic straws and they can shove pieces of melon on them. Then there's always the ubiquitous cracker items, cubes of cheese, etc.

        1. re: Finsmom

          depending on how fast your freezer is - make your own popsicles (pick a juice - or mix from a few, insert sick and freeze in paper cups is fun). kids love to dip things (it's not really to make, but...)
          i have found decorate/make your own pizzas - you can go easy and do pitas or do homemade dough and then they're fab - goes over really well. it's not particularly summery though. it's just that toddlers can't do much - and you can have gourmet toppings for the moms. so at least we get to eat well too for a change.

        2. Smoothies always go over well here. Add a cup or two of fruit, ice, yogurt (we use plain but I'm careful about how much sugar my kids get plus the fruit makes it sweet enough) and a splash or two of apple or orange juice and whiz it in the blender. My kids like to float blueberries in theirs and they have fun scooping them out afterwards (another activity that benefits from a hoze/sprinkler).

          If the kids are adventurous eaters you could always make a either a salad/taco bar from which they can pick their faves (with Mommy's help of course) and they can make their own colourful creations :)

          1. Dear Finsmom,
            helloooooooooo sistah!
            Hey I had a thought....I remember making these in grade 3.
            Jello Jigglers made with fresh raspberries! They were so good, and set really quick.
            Kids can help you cut em out into shapes.