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Jun 8, 2008 06:23 AM

Cortona dinner

We are staying for one night at the Il Falconiere with our 3 teenagers. Has anyone eaten there recently and would you recommend it? Is there anything nearby that is a little more casual and/or has better food? Thanks

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  1. didnt eat there recently, but did quite a few years ago...i was only fair/ok , but again it was years ago

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      Thanks, i thought as much. Now the search to find something better in the area!

    2. Just back from a trip to Tuscany. We stayed in a villa outside of Cortona and had many meals in the city. You might want to try IL Loggiato for dinner. It is in the heart of the square and dining was al fresco. For lunch, I would recommend a pizza place called Fufluns. They had by far the best white truffle risotto I have ever tasted! Atmosphere is very casual. If you are adventurous, you might want to try Canta Napoli in Camucia, a little town outside Cortona. Seafood is very fresh and brought in from Naples. Owners are friendly and said the restaurant has been in the family for several generations. Good luck and good eating!

      1. The food is excellent at Il Falconiere, but it is expensive. I heartily second Fulfluns both for pizza and also just in general for good food. There is also a Coop market about 15 minutes from you if you have a car and they have great summer melons, a good bakery, and just about everything else you need for a good meal or two.