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Jun 8, 2008 04:22 AM

"Consistently Dormant Staff"?

i have to credit fellow hound fwilhelm for this phrase describing a fast food joint's servers: "consistently dormant staff."

i find the wendy's near me to be consistently bad. dormant is one thing, somnambulant is another! mickey d's: don't try reasoning with them. it's an exercise in translation/logic frustration. bk? meh. applebee's, pretty good. tgifs. won't go.

i think starbucks has good customer service.

which food chain has the best-trained, most "with-it" employees? i recognize that different locations have varying performance levels. but i'm asking really about "across the board," in all locations you've ever used? do you travelers notice big variations in urban/rural?

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  1. After hundreds of lattes in the Northeast, the only place they don't get it right is in the Target-situated Starbucks. I have no idea where they get these people, but they wouldn't cut it in a regular Starbucks where they know the drinks and will actually remake them. If I wanted foam I'd get a capuccino.

    McD's... I ordered Chicken Selects and yes I want sauce. Don't say if, say which sauce would you like? This is minor I know

    At Wendy's, no sauce on the burger, well I would think that should include mayo, no? They also put mayo on when I specifically ask for no mayo. Mayo and burgers just don't sit right with my tummy. But they always have consistent Frostys and do say thank you and make it right.

    Yes, I define fast food service as getting what I ask for without attitude or a dumb look. Attitude at urban FF joints is not in short supply. Dumb looks are usually reserved for the rest stops and suburban malls.

    1. In-N-Out wins hands down, followed by Wendy's. I have never, ever (boy, am I gonna get jinxed my next trip!) had poor, inattentive service at In-N-Out, and the order is allways right. Gotta love that!!

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        Second that for In-N-Out. And their service is fast, too. Fat Burger comes in a close second (at least the one in my town).

      2. Hooters, and more so if you go with your kids.
        another caveat seems to be that all these chains function much better when it is crowded.

        1. With certain exceptions, I find these chains generally have the best customer service:


          1. The Wendy's on Foothill in Monrovia has really good people behind the counter. I've found them fast, accurate and friendly.

            I think it all depends on the Manager; if they are good, the staff will more than likely be trained well and follow suit.

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              Haven't been to that Wendy's in a couple of months but as I remember, the staff was pretty good - better than your average fast food place.

              Eartha, you are right about the employees following the manager's lead. Best McD I ever went to was the one near our house on Rosemead/Duarte. The manager was always there working with his staff, helping out, and was just incredible (as I recall, his name was Hector). Everyone followed suit. Then when he left the place went downhill and we stopped going there. Too bad, because this guy was great. The really bad McD's have the manager hiding somewhere.