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Jun 8, 2008 03:22 AM

Seoul, South Korea-HELP

I've been to Korea numerous times and eaten at great places. But I haven't been to any fancy places... primarily because those $3 bowls of noodles are delicious and cheap! But I'm going again soon, and want to go to a nice restaurant. Doesn't really have to be for Korean food, any type is fine. Any recommendations? Thanks!

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  1. 1. Tasty BLVD
    It is a place specializing in charcoal-grilled thick steak and pasta (and they are dam* good), but I strongly recommend chef's special course (120,000 Won + 10% VAT per person) or 'B' course (75,000 Won + 10% VAT per person), both of which change every month.
    They are full of chef Choi's creative ideas.
    How does this sound? A dish looking like Tofu & Kimchi... but actually it is mozzarella cheese slice and endive in tomato sauce.
    Caviar capellini , sushi pasta, lobster with rose jelly...
    You will see a hint of the chef's humour and also some molecular touches too.
    Definitely my most favorite restaurant in Seoul now. :)

    tel: (02) 6080-3332
    643-2, Shin Sa-Dong, Gang Nam-Ku, Seoul, Korea

    refer to:

    2. Ristorante Eo
    This is a rather small, intimate boutique type Italian restaurant, but the foods are far greater than the restaurant's size.
    They don't have a la carte menu and strictly by reservations only.
    Lunch course is 30,000 Won + 10%. There are two dinner courses, 60,000 Won + 10% VAT or 80,000 Won + 10% VAT.
    I recommend the 80,000 Won + 10% VAT dinner course.
    Very light and flavorful Italian cuisine using fresh seafoods.

    tel: (02) 3445-1926
    100-13, Cheong Dam-Dong, Gang Nam-Ku, Seoul, Korea

    refer to:

    1. I had one of the best meals of my stay at the #1 Seoul branch ( one of the two in the city) of DTF; the space is gorgeous, too.

      1. for fine korean, there's seokparang (

        the park hyatt has a nice grill (called cornerstone or something like that?)

        gorilla in the kitchen has a lovely modern concrete + garden setting and a favourite of chi-chi girls about town, but the food isn't as great (it's ok, just a bit salady)

        din tai fung is good too, but somehow doesn't quite fit my 'a nice meal/night out' description...

        1. 'Chotbul 1978' in Merngdong near Namsan(North Mountain) Tower. My Korean friend proposed marriage here, and it might be worth checking out. Just returned from Seoul, but didn't do any high-end dining.

          1. some more info.

            Goong Yeon 宮宴 - Korean
            tel: 02-3673-1104
            Its owner chef Mrs. Han is the one who supervised the foods shown in the Korean drama called "The Great Janggeum(大長今)".
            You can taste some of good Korean palace foods.
            Price: Lunch about 50,000 won/ Dinner about 80,000~120,000 won
            Please refer to:

            Palsun (at Hotel Silla) - Chinese
            tel: 02-2233-3131
            This restaurant has been maintaining the title of "the best Chinese restaurant in Korea" for decades.
            Its foods are mainly Cantonese, with a touch of Pekingese and Sichuan as well as some Korean localized Chinese.
            You may see some similiarities in its several dishes to those of Summer Palace at Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong, since the restaurant used to regularly send chefs to Summer Palace in the past for exchanging ideas.
            Please refer to:

            Sushi Hyo - Japanese
            tel: 02-545-0023
            Mr. Ahn, who used to work for Ariake at Hotel Silla, opened up this restaurant a few years ago.
            Mr. Ahn is also famous for his creative sushi ideas, which were introduced in an episode of the Japanese manga called "Shota's Sushi".
            I personally much prefer Mr. Ahn's sushi a la carte at sushi counter to its kaiseki ryouri.
            Otoro is esopecially great!
            Please refer to:

            Poolside Buffet (at Grand Hyatt Seoul) - Grill
            tel: 02-797-1234
            Not exactly fine dining because it is BBQ buffet.
            And even the BBQ itself is of plain, standard quality, but you can enjoy a poolside BBQ party overlooking the evening view of Seoul.
            Cost is around 60,000 won per person.
            Please refer to:

            Seasons (at Millennium Hilton Seoul) - French
            tel: 02-753-7788
            While there is a flood of Italian restaurants in Seoul, it is somewhat difficult to find French restaurants.
            Seasons is a nice French restaurant, and its chef Park Hyo Nam became famous since Joel Robuchon apparently visited here long ago and left some compliments.
            Please refer to:

            Momoyama (at Lotte Hotel Seoul) - Japanese
            tel: 02-771-1000
            Both the decor and foods used to be very old and stale, but it was recently relocated to the 38th floor of the hotel and Japan's Sushi Ginzako and Tamura are giving constant advises on its sushi and kaiseki course, respectively.
            Fresh ingredients are flown from Japan and Korean local islands daily.
            You can enjoy decent Japanese course dinners accompanied with nice views of Seoul.
            Please refer to:

            btw... If you are visiting Seoul after October, 2008, Pierre Gagnaire Seoul will open at Lotte Hotel too.

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              Updated info.
              Chef de cuisine at Tasty BLVD, Mr. Choi, Hyun Seok, has moved to ELBON the Table, a fairly new chic restaurant. Thus, I no longer recommend Tasty BLVD and advise you to try ELBON instead. Please refer to: