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Jun 7, 2008 09:18 PM

do you get crabby when hungry?

blame low levels of serotonin!

my college pal became a total witch when she got hungry. it was, well, almost dangerous to be around her. i was not nearly as bad as she was. these days, i do tend to get a little crabby, because when i'm hungry, i don't feel my best.

mr. alka goes all day without eating, and then eats dinner. no problem.

makes for some wonderful marriage moments, i tell ya!

which way are you? are you mismatched with your mate (in terms of hunger pangs?


i just make small meals, and keep snacks like good nuts and trail mix around. mr. alka sometimes just has to eat his dinner from reheating in the microwave, 'cause NORMAL people (like moi) eat at a sensible time! ;-)

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  1. NO, I'm not crabby, so leave me alone!

    But seriously, I like to eat smallish amounts at regular intervals, but my husband will fast all day in anticipation of a special meal. He's like a camel. Maybe it's a guy thing.

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      Not sure if it's a "guy thing," but I do similar.


    2. It is low blood sugar causing the problem. I have that issue, too. I actually get weak, light headed, irritable, and even shaky if I don't eat on time. I also carry peanuts in my purse. I eat something, at least a small snack, every 3-4 hours. I have Type 2 diabetes in my family, and although my sugar levels test normal, I have a bit of insulin sensitivity...a whole lot of people do. And we are the ones who will eventually end up with Type 2 diabetes if we lead "over nourished" lifestyles and don't watch our weight. I am pregnant now (also a higher risk for gestational diabetes), but I usually eat a diabetic style diet by monitoring my carb in take and never eating carbs alone, avoid potato chips and other things that cause blood sugar spikes. I have been doing that for a few years. It keeps my weight down, and also prevents that bite-your-head-off feeling when I haven't eaten, because I manage it and never let myself get to that point.

      As a foodie, one drawback is that sometimes I know I will be eating something really great later in the day, and I would like to go there really hungry to enjoy the taste more. But I have to eat some peanuts or something. Also, I do badly when invited to lunch or dinner in peoples' homes when they eat I have to eat before I go or I'll just be too out of sorts to enjoy.

      1. If I don't eat all day @ work, I'll tend to be a bit more bitchy in the evening as I'm racing to throw dinner together. My husband is a BEAR when he is hungry. AKA= The BEAST.
        Usually I'll just complain LOUDLY to anyone unlucky enough to HAVE to listen (the dog, the cats) "I'm HUNGRY! Me want COOKIE! Do we have any wine?! I'm so HUNGRY!! Where are my kettle chips? Did Daddy save me any cheesecake? "

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        1. re: Boccone Dolce

          I'm always amazed by friends who can "function" without having food all day. I feel kinda irritated and am unable to concentrate well when I start to get hungry, to the point that all I can think about is FOOD. Sometimes my mum can even tell when I'm hungry and would say, "You need something to eat, don't you?" Mmm, I hope I wasn't saying mean things to her ... sorry, mum!

          1. re: dreamsicle

            Haha -- that reminded me of that scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, when the mother says in exasperation, "Oh, Toula, EAT something!"

            I, too, am shocked when people 'forget' to eat or are 'too busy.' I'm constantly thinking about what to cook/eat next that it would be impossible to do so. Hunger has a habit of sneaking into my conversations with people...if I'm hungry, we could be talking about anything and I'd jump in with a "So, where do you want to go for lunch?" or completely derail the conversation into something food-related. My friends have learned not to take this personally.

        2. Rather than eating a snack, if I'm home, or if it's available, I will drink a glass of anywhere from 1/3-1/2 fruit juice and 1/2-2/3- seltzer. The sugar bounces my blood sugar, the mix cuts the caloric content. As for the carbonation. ... Well, it just gives it a little more 'punch' than plain water.

          1. My husband gets cranky if he goes too long without carbs.