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Jun 7, 2008 06:53 PM

Hacienda Vieja tequila...opinions?

I am busy making austerity adjustments to my F& B budget. Months ago I substituted Cazadores reposado ($28) for my old-habits-die-hard Herradura reposado ($45). Today I noticed and bought a Hacienda Vieja reposado for $18 that claims to be 100% agave, from Jalisco, and aged in white oak for 90 days. I drink reposados neat, with a side of homemade sangrita.
For the price, it tastes surprisingly good. I had never heard of it. There are so few 100% agaves under $30, and $18 seems too good to be true. Anyone have any information about the brand, or an opinion?

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  1. I googled it and found this,

    Marsalle Company has been chosen to import a new tequila from the Banuelos Family. The Banuelos Family, one of the most important families of Arandas who have been involved in the tradition of Agave and Tequila business for many years. They were the producers of a brand that for many years was a leading seller in Mexico as well as the United States until they sold it in late 2002. "Tequila Hacienda Vieja" is made using only select blue agave from the families fields and produced in the original factory owned by the Banuelos family. Initially offered in Chicagi in late November, the brand quickly became a top seller among original blue chip tequilas produced in Mexico. The product is available in both 750ml and one Liters. It is currently available in the following markets: Illinois, New York, New Jersey, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Missouri, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, South Carolina and Wisconsin. " More than Tequila a Tradition" Tequila Hacienda Vieja will soon be a leader in the tequila category. For more information contact Marsalle Company 847.957.1100.

    I'd be curious as to what the Brand they sold in 2002 was, but the website for the company is in spanish, and doesn't seem to work.

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      The Banuelos where the owner of Cazadores. That is the company they sold.

    2. All bottles claiming 100% agave are just that.Tequila is a DOM and very regulated and fiercly protected around the globe.

      I always grab a bottle when I go to Leyva's Liquors on Revolucion in Tijuana and there are many bottles like Hacienda Vieja in the $30 and under category.I picked up the Bracero Anejo for around $25 bucks and it's great.Dos Manos has a nice reposado in the neighborhood of $25 as well. The Hacienda Vieja sits along side many bottles of the same size at Leyva's, they are generic bottles with simple and uninteresting label designs, no frills.The producer is just giving you his humble and well made tequila, not a fancy bottle and price.Many of these bottles like your Hacienda Vieja are reposados, but are not available in the US due to their limited marketing appeal.These days it seems to be all about packaging.So, occasionally you see a bottle like HV make it through because it's a slammin' tequila for the price.

      If you're ever in TJ, stop by Leyva's, or if you're in Jalisco you will also find these types of producers in the many fine shops.

      I saw Hacienda Vieja in my local liquor store 2 nights ago, so thanks for calling it to my attention.

      1. Hacienda Vieja is our new favorite at our house. I have to say that I am not much of a tequila drinker but my friend brought over Cazadores one day and I loved it. Last week I decided to pick up HV because I know it's a quality product like Cazadores because it is from the Banuelos Family. It really is a great value for such a quality product. I know that once this tequila gets some speed under it, it will be a favorite all around. Great Product and Highly recommended.


        1. Just bought some on the way home from work for fajita night, and I'm impressed, especially at 20$ a liter here in upstate NY. If someone else was paying, I'd opt for Herradura, but this is pretty good stuff. I used to drink Cazadores when I lived in Laredo and went to tequila bars in Nuevo, and this is awfully similar. I'd like to try the two side by side. I think the earlier point about the lack of fancy bottles and advertising is accurate. You have to remember that the trendy Corazon was marketed by the same guy that brought Grey Goose to the market and made it chic..

          1. At the local (overpriced) wine shop, I asked for a good tequilla and this is what they suggested. Even at $24/750ml, I feel I got a good value for my money.