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Jun 7, 2008 05:27 PM

Pennylicks in Kensington Mkt

While on my way try out more goodies at Wanda's Pie in the Sky I noticed this new café on Augusta (just north of Oxford). The most notable thing is they have a Clover coffee machine. It seems Toronto is about to be Cloverfied! Too bad I just finished an americano from Louie's. The next notable thing is they have gelato. I talked to the owner and a family friend makes it for them. They had about a dozen flavours. I tried the banana and pistachio. Not bad. They were very smooth and silky. The only bad thing was the pistachio had the completely unnecessary green dye. They also serve sandwiches and salads. Nice addition to the nabe. I will have to try their coffee and see how they compare with the guys at Manic.

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  1. Pennylicks coffee out classes Manic's by many miles.... It's the best espresso I've had in Toronto. I'd stay away from Wanda's and Louie's--other than good people watching spots, both places severely lack in flavourful food/coffee.

    1. Haven't there been a few places around town with the Clover? A while back I interviewed the guys in Seattle who invented it, and at that point they told me that 2 or 3 places here had them... They also had huge smiles on their faces - as it turns out, they had sold out to Starbucks but hadn't yet made the announcement.

      Which leads me to - I thought that S-bucks was going to hog all the Clovers?


      1. I've been going to Pennylicks since they opened (they even know my name!)

        I'm a big fan of their coffee blends and God bless that clover. While I've tried all of their various blends (and they're all good), I keep coming back to the Ethiopian. It really is wonderful.

        Their gelato isn't bad. I have yet to try their sandwiches or espresso oddly enough. Although with espresso for me, it's either Intelligencia or bust. I should ask him about his espresso beans.

        Starbucks is hogging all the Clovers, but Pennylicks opened before Starbucks bought Clover, so they have one. My understanding is that Clover is still servicing the old machines, but not selling them.

        1. Ive tried Pennylicks this summer when I was craving some sort of grilled sandwich.. The staff is AMAZING. They were super nice and friendly and put up with my indecisivness that day. This place has SUCH potential but I think they need to add a little variety to their sandwiches. They have 5 different sandwichs listed on their menu, which all look great, but they do not have ANY other ingredients to offer. I just wanted a something nice and basic- a pressed panini of some sort with tomato, turkey and cheese etc. But all of their options are very very specific. They sounded great but just not what i was feeling... I didnt feel like salmon with capers.. or sundried tomato with procciutto etc. I asked if i could make my own option and they were delighted to help.. but they didnt even have the basics, lettuce tomato etc. I ended up getting a creation they made for me.. which was decent but they should really think about offering other things. They side it with some plain ruffled potato chips. Im a chip fan so i was happy. (and i put them on my sandwich to tame down the strong proccuitto and sundried tomato flavours ..hehe)
          All and all, I hope this place sticks around. They have the PERFECT location in Kensington Market (with patio!!), great warm staff, and an amazing sandwich press.
          Hope they work on the sandwich options!!