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Jan 3, 2003 01:25 PM


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Read a brief review of Sam's on West Channel Road (Santa Monica or Pacific Palisades?), and it sounded quite good. Has anyone been there? I'm a Bay Area Chowhound about to visit LA and am wondering whether it's worth going to Sam's. Please advise.

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  1. I rarely get to the Beach or West side for dining and usually remain mum about restaurants "over there". However, I have been to Sam's recently and was struck by the beautiful quiet atmosphere. It is pretty close to the thick of things in Santa Monica, but remains very "neighborhoody" in feeling. I was very impressed by the freindly service, and attention paid to each table. I was diding with a vegan friend and they happily altered an entree to suit him (this is often a huge problem when dining out with him).

    The food was nicely presented and really delicious. I tend to be a bit more adventurous in my personal choice of fav restaurants, but this was a lovely, low key, and tasty adventure Also, I not paying and never saw the bill, but the menu seemed to be very reasonably priced. I enjoyed the evening.

    1. I live right near this restaurant and have been to it only once, but I was not at all impressed with it. The food was just OK (I don't remember what I had), but I also thought it was very overpriced. Something happened that made me angry, too: I was with a group of friends, and the server started pouring still water from a bottle for all of us. After drinking lots of water with our meal we were presented with the check, and they had charged us for the water! I had to leave early so I didn't find out about this until later, but when I did find out about it I called the owner. He apologized for not asking if we wanted bottled water in the first place and he also refunded the cost of the water but it left a bad taste in my mouth. There are many more restaurants I would rather eat at in this area.

      1. I see the last post was in 2003 so I will update this restaurant.. we had dinner last night and was impressed with the small restaurant feel, very nice and warm atmosphere. the staff was very attentive. the drinks and wine list was good but the food was excellent..
        there were four of us and we all had something different. I had to taste each of the other plates and each and everyone was fabulous... I had a pork dish with a Roquefort sauce, never tasted anything like it before.
        the food selections are good and the prices are fair and the service is terrific..

        1. I hate to say it, but after a few years of wanting to try Sam's out - I was totally disappointed with my dinner! The restaurant itself was very nice inside - perfect for a date, however I would not recommend going there in a group which I did. The food, in my book, was very bland and boring. I had the seared Tuna with Okra and almost feel asleep while eating it. My friend had the Elk which was actually pretty good, but the other two in my group both had the rib eye which they both enjoyed but I did not care for. The servers while very nice were a bit erratic as one would come over and ask something, and then be followed a minute later by another waiter asking the same exact question, considering how quiet it was in there I found that very odd. It's like we had two waiters, both on different schedules. Sam himself was a very cool guy, a great host! I'd go back here if in a bind finding a date spot, but not a big fan.