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Jun 7, 2008 02:57 PM

Where can I get mocchi near Union Square?

I am obsessed with the stuff! I know where to get it as a yogurt topping, but does anyone know who sells it by the bag? Thanks, N

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  1. Do you mean Mochi - the Japanese ice-cream dessert wrapped in glutinous rice flour? If so, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods both carry them.

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    1. re: kobetobiko

      I mean the chewy dessert topping. It's offered at Pinkberry and Red Mango.

      1. re: Nikki NYC

        Ah, you want just the wrapper!

        Mochi sold in stores is either the ice cream kind (in the freezer aisle) or it's fresh and contains some sort of filling (like red bean). I've seen just regular plain old strips of mochi (sometimes colored yellow or green) in Southern California but never in Manhattan.

        Try Chinatown? The Japanese grocery stores in Manhattan tend to always have the fresh and ice cream kinds.

        Since you're only interested in the wrapping, you could also try making your own. It's pretty straightforward.