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Jun 7, 2008 02:56 PM

Crazy Burger?

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  1. We like it alot, but, I like it better for breakfast/brunch than dinner.

    1. Crazy Burger is great-- love the loco burger. I think they have a Providence location too but I've only tried the original joint.

      1. Excellent place. Best Smoothies I have personally ever tasted.

        1. We tried it on June 22. It was a great experience all around.
          Great thoughtful service, and quality food. We will be back!

          1. I find it a bit overpriced and underwhelming, but I do seem to be in the minority, so perhaps I owe it another shot. I doubt it'll get it though..

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              A funny story about Crazy Burger. I had heard about it but did not really know much about it at all. This was years ago. When we were planning on going, I called Crazy Burger and said" Yes, I'd like to make reservations for saturday night." There was a dead silence on the other end of the phone, then a chuckle, then, "Okay." They took my reso, we went, when I saw how casual it was I just asked for a table for 4 without saying, "We were the dummies that called for a reso." We had a great laugh.

              1. re: Alica

                Also from the feeling like a dummy department: I had heard great things about Crazy Burger so I rounded up a small group of my hoodlum friends, two of whom are gluten intolerant, for a trip down to 'Gannsett. We got there only to find that all crazy burgers are made with bread crumbs and you can't get a burger without the wheat. I know, I should have called and asked but how often do you come across a burger like that?

                1. re: RI Swampyankee

                  I've been to Crazy Burger twice - once to try it, and decided I didn't really think it was all that great. The second time was to see if maybe I just had a bad meal. I felt the same the second time as the first.

                  Their burgers are not good, and now reading that they make them with bread crumbs I understand why I don't like them. You don't put breadcrumbs in a burger!

                  I think Casey's in Wakefield makes the best burger in South County.

                  1. re: Rhody Dave

                    I wouldn't nominate CB for best burger but I think it's good for a different take on burgers. Their lamb burger is good and my vegetarian friends enjoy some of the options there as well.

                  2. re: RI Swampyankee

                    I guess I never thought of it as a burger place (silly I know, given the name). I've been 5-6 times and I don't think I've ever had a burger (well, a sunflowery vegan 'burger' concoction once). I've loved everything I've had there (bkfast & lunch only, never dinner).

                      1. re: Alica

                        Awesome eggs benedict. The burger meat itself is nothing impressive it is the creative presentation that makes it appealing. The loco burger is my favorite, beef, avocado, black beans and cheddar, grilled in a crisp tortilla, topped with salsa. Once again, the best smoothies I have ever had.