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Jun 7, 2008 02:49 PM

Any good eats around Robbinsville NC or area?

Looking for anything either down home or fine. Any suggestions?

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  1. Robbinsville is a tiny place, and well away from any city of any size (i.e. in the middle of nowhere). Last time I was there, I ate at Subway, and don't remember seeing anywhere else to eat. I wouldn't count on finding any fine dining there.Hopefully, someone will have some better recs for you.

    1. What ever you do eat dinner early if you plan to eat out. Things close early up there.

      Lynn's Place serves breakfast and lunch. It's a little country. The breakfast buffet is a good deal as you can order your eggs prepared the way you like and help yourself to the bacon, grits and fried apples. I don't know if they are open for diner.

      There is pizza and BBQ in town. I think the pizza place is a chain. The BBQ place was suffering from an identity crisis when I ate there. It was a combination of eastern, western and south Carolina. I didn't care for it, but I only tried it once.

      The Tapoco Lodge serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Most of the meals I've eaten there were good and they are one of the few places that serve alcohol.

      If Tootie's is still open, try them for a burger.

      1. The Snowbird Lodge http://www.snowbirdlodge.com/finedini...
        has fine dining. It's 11 miles from Robbinsville and in a gorgeous area. We haven't been in over ten years, so I can't promise the food is still ass good as it was, but they have NC mountain trout!

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          The Blue Boar had good food too, but at one time you had to be a guest of the inn to eat there.

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            I too have not been in 8+ years, but it is still owned by the same folks and the wife is quite an accomplished chef - the food was a highlight every time we stayed there and we stayed a lot for a while, just not recently. I think you can make reservations for dinner if you don't stay there. It's a dry county, so if you do go, take your own alcohol. They charge a small corkage fee. The food was local and fresh.