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Jun 7, 2008 02:22 PM

visiting and looking for better than great chow!

I'm looking forward to a week long visit to San Francisco in the beginning of July and need your help on chow worthy places that can t be missed and that I cant get back home in the true white north (Toronto). Any opinions on Bouchon, Chez Panisse, or Zuni. Are these good choices? Or should i scrape one of them?! Jewels and hidden jems bring it on! Favourite places and dishes.............great! We plan on making a few day trips out of the city ( Napa, Sonoma and Palo Alto) and will have access to a car.

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  1. To shorten your wait until smackdown, look up at the "SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA" heading atop this colum, under the red CHOWHOUND banner. Next to it is a "search this board" function. Try it for each of the restaurants. People living in this hungry tourist trap suffer food-recommendation fatigue.

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    1. re: rccola

      Well, some of us are indefatigable (though not me, at my age),

      To be fair to the OP he (she?) has obviously done some homework, and asked a very specific question about whether Bouchon, Chez Panisse and Zuni are worthy destinations, and doesn't deserve to be brushed off. I'll begin by saying "Dunnno, yes and yes."

      OP is also asking for a shoutout on favorite places and dishes, which I think is a fair request, not a hackneyed debate on "the best xxx."

      The OP might also benefit from the efforts of some trailblazing homies:

      1. re: Xiao Yang

        You are so nice! I was actually having fun parodying the usual response to such a question. However, people *have* often asked about these specific restaurants.

    2. Chez Panisse and Zuni are worth the praise. Bouchon has dissenters and if I were to axe one, that would be it. I think the tag is it's a good restaurant but nothing stands out in context to Bay Area restaurant scene. Take that with a grain of salt, it might be a Bay Area specific critique.

      As for hidden gems and such...that requires a search or at least some kind of parameters to the question, likes, dislikes, location, etc. You can get lots of good stuff in SF, but you might not like half of it or can get better at home...and yes, the question of where to eat and what's the best gets asked 4x a day.