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Jun 7, 2008 01:29 PM


Anisette opened yesterday for lunch. First day. Nothing official, just day of a soft, test opening.

Remarkably smooth for a first day. As smooth as if the place had been open six months. Everything was close to perfect.

Oh, and the food was great. Everything you expected it to be (and I had high expectations.)

Cold aspargus soup really popped. My mouth is watering from the memory. Apple tart too.

Service was perfect. Waitress charming.

No, not open for dinner, and I'm not even sure they're open for lunch today, but I suspect they are. (limited, so get there early) I don't think they're taking reservations until an official opening. Right now it appears to be friends and walk-ins. I doubt they're taking reservations.

Dinner service (they're hoping) in a week from Monday.

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  1. I was there for a delicious breakfast yesterday. I was told they woud be open only for breakfast this weekend. They will resume opening for breakfast and lunch on Monday.

    1. There had been once recent prior brief thread on it here:

      I plan on going either this weekend or next for sure. Thanks for the write up.

      1. I stopped by today, sadly too late for breakfast, and was told lunch was starting Monday and--if all went well--possibly the first dinner would be Friday.

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          1. Went today for breakfast with my son. The man himself, Girud was there. He was welcoming and made a special effort to say hello to my four year-old. If I didn't love him already for his cooking, now he is my official hero.

            Breakfast was lovely. I had an egg white omlette, which was perfectly cooked with grilled tomotoes and herbs. My son had one of their breakfasts, I can't recall the name, it included hot chocolate (or coffee) a croissant, a chocolate croissant and a muffin with fresh squeezed juice. (I shudder at the carb crash he will have a school today) The croissants were solid, but nothing amazing. The blueberry muffin was exceptional, as was the fresh squeezed juice. Service was top-notch.

            I got the same story about dinner, Monday. I can hardly wait. As a local, I'm excited about the food, but more interested in a restaurant with geniune service. Kids are always a test with me, if servers are nice to your kid, they generally are good people. Any place that is too good for a junior diner usually thinks they are too good for the rest of us. I just hope that the energy stays high as the place gets busy.

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              Must've been the "French Breakfast"

              Your child's teacher thanks you, I'm sure. Make it up to him or her by sending chocolate croissabts!