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Jun 7, 2008 12:31 PM

Dallas: Brazilian - which one & how much?

I am just starting to research the Texas board for a rec of where to eat on my one night in Dallas in July. It will be me, daughters ages 9 & 12, & my parents. Parents live in Waco & usually eat Indian & sometimes Chinese when they visit Dallas/Austin. I would like to take them someplace different. Well, outside of the afore mentioned cuisines, they like steak but don't eat often due to expense.

I will be visiting from San Francisco area & one place I haven't been & would like to try is a churrascaria. I looked at the websites for Texas de Brazil & Fogo De Chao but couldn't find prices. Parents & I will probably do a glass of wine each & we'll probably get three desserts. Just would like to have an idea how much these places run.

We'll probably be staying somewhere near 635 & 35 or Addison. I'd appreciate suggestions for Brazilian steakhouses & their pricing. Yelpers seem to like Fogo over Texas. Last but not least, I didn't choose a traditional steakhouse because my 9 yr. old stopped eating beef a few months ago but loves lamb & chicken.


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  1. I never cared for the food from Fogo de Chao and Texas de Brazil. The price you pay, approximately $45 per person, is money better spent at one of Dallas' finer steakhouses. But, if you have to go, I would choose Fogo de Chao b/c their "salad bar" is far better than Texas de Brazil's. Don't know much about the newcomer, Rafain.

    If your family is feeling a bit more adventurous try:


    Some reviews from the local paper:

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      Forgot about looking at the chains board. After further research, I am coming to the same conclusion. Will repost topic asking for perhaps steakhouses with good fish (allergies to shellfish). Thanks for your response.

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        I've wanted to try Brazil Brasileiro for a couple of years and finally tried their lunch buffet today.

        Unlike Fogo de Chao and Texas de Brazil, it's very low key (a neighborhood restaurant) and the decor is not nice, but the food was good (more home-cooking style and authentic) and we prefer this one to those chains. Their chicken dishes (bacon chicken, chicken wings and something else) were all very good. We loved their potato cheese casserole. The deep fried broccoli was also good.

        The lunch buffet is $6.99/lb or $10.99 for all-you-can-eat. The sign said Rodizio (or churrasco) is available weekend nights.

        I think the owner recently changed and according to the waitress, it's owned by the original owner now.

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          Brazil Brasilisero in Richardson is now Betchee's Brazil.

          All the wait staff has been replaced, but the food is the same though they say the chef has also changed. We really like their beef and chicken.

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            I've enjoyed Fogo several times but I recently went to Betchee's and I'm kicking myself for not going earlier.

            I had the lunch buffet and enjoyed most of the selection. The cheese bread isn't quite as cheesy as I like to make mine but were still good, the yucca dishes (fried/baked) were great, the meats were good, fried eggplant was great (no sauce needed), and I even liked the salads.

            I saw another table getting rodizio and while it's not as elaborate/overwhelming as Fogo I saw the same cuts of meat coming out. Service was friendly and they were happy to explain the buffet, rodizio, and the regular menu. I need to go back and try a caipirinha.

            1. re: amokscience

              Betchee remodeled recently and changed their lunch format to a more cafeteria style (entree plus sides). Plates in the $6-$10 range. The waitstaff and servers aren't very organized or efficient so it moved slowly and there was confusion but the food was good. Our group had a bit of everything and the brisket was especially good.

      2. I love steak. I have been to Fogo de Chao, Texas de Brazil, and Rafain's. The best is clearly Fogo de Chao. But if $45 for dinner scares you, then try Rafain's. It is located about 5 miles north of 635 right off the tollway. They charge about $35 for all you can eat. The quality of meat and the variety are only slightly less than at Fogo. But if you haven't tried this type of food, then its a good way to get introduced and not break the bank. The salad bar is small compared to Fogo but adequate. The dessert bar is extra so watch out, they don't tell you this upfront. It costs about $6 extra for the dessert bar but that too is all you can eat. They have a lunch for $18 which features less choices but nonethelss very good deal. It is my place to go when I want churrascaria. Fogo is where I go to when I have guests. Texas De Brazil is not worth going.

        1. i used to work for texas de brazil, but i tried finding a place that is similar but less expensive, and I've been going to this sorta mom and pop brazilian resturant in richardson, called Brazil Brasileiro, buffet style its pretty tasty and they charge by the pound. off arapaho and 75

          1. I haven't tried either of them yet but I am going this Sat for my bday... I know either one will be great... I'll let you know how it goes...........

            1. Well, I made it out to Texas de brazil. I went to the one in Addison... It was everything I imagined it to be... With exception of the Lamp chops and leg of lamb, every cut of meat was superb... I only say that because I personally don't like lamb... But I recommend it and plan on returning soon....

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                Thanks for reporting back. Did anyone else in your group like the lamb? My family loves lamb (Indian, Greek). Also, can you please share the pricing? According to the website, kids 12 & under are 1/2 price.

                1. re: ceekskat

                  There Lamb is normally quite good. I personally love lamb and in fact mostly eat their lamb when I go there. If you are planning on going then join their email list They send out two for one and such on a regular basis.

                  Also note that they do not have Lamb at lunch. Also make sure and twist their arm to bring you chops, the leg is okay but nothing comparatively.

                  1. re: ceekskat

                    Im so sorry I didn't respond back but I assume you figured out the pricing. I didn't take any children so I don't remember looking at that. I'll have to try the lamb again and give it another chance. The latest one I went to was Braza Decante in Allen. It wasn't worth the money. The meat were ok I guess but the salad and side bar were not. I wouldn't go back.