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Jun 7, 2008 11:42 AM

Where to order Aunt Butchie's cakes from?

Any ideas? I now live 2 hours away and I can't make the drive down... Anyone know if they distribute to upper Bergen County? I miss the chocolate mousse cake so much....

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  1. Hmmm...
    I thought I posted a response to this posting, yesterday...Oh well...
    Try contacting all 3 locations an see if any are still in business.
    If not, you might like the cake at Mother Mousse. 2 SI locations. Their chocolate mousse cake is lethally delicious.
    Good luck!....:-}

    1. Aunt Butchie's still has a store at 6903 13th Avenue 718-256-2933. I passed it the other day and it was open. I don't know about their delivery area though.

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      1. re: psnative

        That's the location I have been to, but not that recently so I wasn't sure if they were still in business. Good to know. Thanks for the update. :-}

      2. little tater
        Just a thought. Now that psnative has verified that they are still in business, why not plan a "food run" to p/u a bunch of local foods you miss. Just perusing 13th Ave can be a wonderful source of delights. You can pick up a couple of cakes and freeze them. If you make advance arrangements, they may even be willing to preslice a couple of cakes into individual portions and freeze them for you. The last time I stopped there, I had them "create" a whole cheesecake out of slices of different types of cheesecake. I froze them and used as desired. It was a big hit. :-}