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Jun 7, 2008 11:20 AM

Indian cuisine near Whittier?

I'm going to be in Whittier next week and I have been jonesing for Indian food. Any recs for dinner in the area?

Also, where's a good place to take about 20 people for lunch? We're having a funeral at Rose Hills and we need a place to convene for a bite before everyone makes the long drive home.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. You're a 15-minute drive from Artesia, which has more Indian food than anywhere else in SoCal. My personal favorites are Tirupathi Bhimas and Woodlands, but scan the boards and you'll find some other recs.

    For the twenty-person lunch, I assume you're looking in Whittier. What price point? For a nice lunch, I'd suggest Dal Rae because they do well with groups. But there are some other options... You could go to El Camino for their chicken fajitas, North Woods Inn for steak, Golden Triangle for Burmese/Thai, etc.

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      I like surati farsan mart in Artesia. Go hungry and ready for an adventure. You can scope out the menu online...