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Italian or Chinese near Pico and LaBrea?

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We dine again tonight with our vegetarian (not vegan) friends, who are bringing Miss Finicky Fourteen along. Italian usually works (think pizza) and Chinese can. We'd like to dine within 5 minutes' drive from this intersection. I'm coming up blank. The popular Culver Junction restaurants are a bit too far and a bit too busy. Can anyone help?

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  1. A bit north on LaBrea you could go to Cube.

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      Neither Italian nor Chines, but veggie friendly and excellent is Bloom on Pico about a mile East of LaBrea. Teriffic place and they have (I believe) pizza. You can't go wrong at Bloom.

    2. I can't believe I'm saying this. How about Twin Dragon? (We actually considered it good 35 years ago.)

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        Twin Dragon is still good.. I take my 10 year old there whenever we are in the neighborhood.. Very low brow, and very old school.. NY Style Chinese..

      2. A little over a mile north on La Brea, you have a couple of decent options for vegetarians/finicky eaters, although none are Chinese. For Italian, you could go to Ca Brea, which has pretty decent food (no pizza, though). Or, a better option might be Luna Park, which is not Italian per se (more of a varied "home style" menu) with decent options for everyone in your party, including pizzas.