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Jun 7, 2008 11:03 AM

How about Rimini and Ravenna?

Will be visiting Rimini and Ravenna along the Adriatic coast. Any suggestions?

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  1. Hi,
    I'm originally from Cesenatico, smack in the middle point between Rimini and Ravenna, and I am really happy someone is taking the time to visit this amazing piece of Italy!

    Food between Rimini and Ravenna is diverse and exciting. For example, Piadina is the typical flatbread of Romagna that you will find sold as street food by many street vendors (piadinerie) all over the place. In Rimini, piadina is very flat and resembles almost a tortilla, in Ravenna is thick and you almost need to slice it midway to put the filling in. Enjoy piadina with squacquerone (a soft cheese only available in this area, since it doesn't transport well) and rucola... or with the more traditional prosciutto filling.

    You will want to take advantage of every chance you get to eat homemade pasta, as this is where it originally is from. Try cappelletti and lasagne, and enjoy the many fish specialties you will find around.

    In terms of specific places, here are some crowd-pleasing evergreens...
    * Casa delle Aie, in Milano Marittima (closer to Ravenna), run by a cultural association which gets public funding to mantain its food offering traditional and cheap-
    * Dal Lurido, Rimini (trattoria Tonino detto il Lurido- a fish joint with two seatings, always packed, serving a house menu of fish with the most traditional Romagna dishes: lumachine in umido, cozze alla marinara, vongole, tagliolini allo scoglio, risotto alla marinara, etc.
    * Il caminetto, Milano Marittima: a very upscale restaurant with the best crustcean dishes!
    * Lido Lido, Cesenatico- Vincenzo Camerucci is a very well-known chef in Italy, and his restaurant in Cesenatico gives you all the reasons to visit!
    * La Sangiovesa ( one of the best places in Santarcangelo, owned by Tonino Guerra, a famous Italian writer, the place is sprinkled with amazing art pieces. Make sure you take a trip in the basement to see the well!

    Personal Favorites:

    * My parents' restaurant! (Don't want to push it, but if you'd like you can email me at vanessa at for details!
    )* Agriturismo Duslaun, Monte Verucchio ( if you go, say hi to Sebastiano for me!
    * Osteria del Povero Diavolo, Torriana, a slow food rated restaurant with a delicious menu!
    * Armeria dell'Albana: inside the castle of Montebello, a great place to eat outside when it gets really hot on the flats!

    I know I should give you a more complete overview, but I hope this helps for now! Feel free to email me for things to see around the area!



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      Vanessa- do you know any place to buy Squacquerone cheese in California? If not, is there a readily available soft cheese that would taste good with piadine?

      1. re: stevelup

        Ciao Steve,

        sorry for the delay- I use crescenza when I can find it- The Cowgirl Creamery carries it, and so does Draegers and AG Ferrari. Stracchino is a good substitute, too, but there's no place where to get Squacquerone outside Romagna! :)

    2. Recently lunched at Bella Venezia in Ravenna. 74 euros: A bottle of water, local wine, cover, two starters - smoked swordfish - prosciutto & melon, then a cold roast beef plate - vitello tonnoto, and one mixed salad. Two orders of fragoles, one with crema, and coffees. I'd definitely go back.

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        1. And do not miss Santarcangelo di Romagna, very close to Rimini. I live here.