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Jun 7, 2008 10:43 AM

Westside Italian restaurants with BIG serving sizes?

Looking for a Westside Italian restaurant that has BIG servings. I used to live in Boston, and remember having some truly enormous plates of pasta being served at some of those restaurants - I'm wondering if there's anything similar here in LA (that also tastes good and doesn't cost an arm and a leg!)

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  1. Head for Maggiano's in the Grove shopping center. It ain't gourmet, it's a chain, but IMHO they provide nice, flavorful American red-sauce Italian and portions are more than ample. Of course, the Buca di Beppo chain is famous for quantity but their quality is infamous on this board. I can't verify that by personal experience but look around the board to decide for yourself.

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        Not unless you want hypertension from the ridiculous amount of salt they use.

        I would go with C&O's. Even Buca di Beppo would be better than Maggiano's.

    1. C&O on Washington Blvd. in Marina Del Rey.

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        there are actually two C&Os: C&O trattoria, and C&O cucina
        they are both owned by the same folks.
        they are both on Washington Blvd in venice west of lincoln
        there may be some minor menu differences in the 'entree' portions of the menus but i don't think there are any differences between the 'pasta' portions of the menus.

        get a 'whole' serving of the the pasta, not a 'half' serving.

      2. Haven't been there in years, but Anna's on Pico, near Sepulveda, is an old-fashioned place with large portions and has always been very good in the past.

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          I am not a Fan of Anna's.. Just not good food..

        2. Third (right?) C&O, even though my favorite thing there is their garlic bread.

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            Went over to C&O yesterday for some serious carbo-loading. I took onto their "Gargantuan" (yes, that's the official size on the menu) linguini with clam sauce ($21.50) . I liked it - comparable, if not better than any others I've tried here on the Westside, and definitely a lot less expensive. I'd guesstimate that it would probably be enough to serve 4 normal diners, and likely 6-8 smaller diners. I got through 70% of it and took the rest home.

            The garlic knots that they give you for free are probably the best part of C&O. Fresh out of the oven, tasty, and unlimited. The servers will give you as much as you want, and when I took my plate to go, he even reminded me to grab a whole plateload of extra garlic rolls to take home with me!

            Thanks for the rec - I found it to be just what I was looking for. Nice website at http://www.cocucina.com/index.html

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              Since you enjoyed C&O Cucina, you might want to try their original Trattoria that is about a stone's throw from the sand at the end of Washington Blvd. Informal is the buzzword. I'd suggest going there on a nice weekend night as it turns into a party before long. The same garlic knots are widely circulated and the (cheap but acceptable) wine is self-serve on the honor system - I think that's the key to this place's success. Most folks find this fun and refreshing, and topping off the glass yourself makes one feel like this is a bargain. Before you know it you're more sauced than their rigatoni. The food is somewhat mediocre, but when you're singing Dean Martin songs along with 100 other folks, sloshing down wine by the quart, and everyone's sharing their meals with each other, it's a real Kodak Moment in Little Italy on the Westside...